* = a first name; or a surname used as a first name e.g. *123 Ronald Jones PARKES
otp = of this parish
wcof = with consent of friends
wcop = with consent of parents
Wits. = witnesses (ie to a marriage)
(x) made his/her mark
A+B+C etc. = separate indexes within the transcription
BT = Bishop's Transcript
DB =Domesday Book
MIs = Monumental Inscriptions (ie from tombstones)
NLW = National Library of Wales
OE = Old English
OFr = Old french
ON = Old Norse
OW = Old Welsh
p = patronymic
w/o = wife of

Take note of the number(s) with the name in which you are interested and then, if necessary, refer to the KEY page (link above) to identify the transcription(s). 

I (as a first name) *431 Llangollen: 24 Mar 1857 bur/o William Cristion I. BOSTOCK, aged 6, Trefor Uchaf
I (as a surname) see EYE

I.R. 464C Gwytherin:  4 Aug 1764 mar by Lic of Robert ROBERTS ba & Jane WILLIAMS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                     Wits: I R  (x), Willm HUGHES (x)
                                1 Sep 1764 mar by Banns of Robert CADWALADER (x) ba & Catherine EVANS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                           Wits: I R (x), E T (x)


IAGO *443  Rhosllanerchrugog: 10 Oct 1887 bur/o Iago Price EDWARDS of Rhos
          517*B Llanasa:  27 Jun 1731 bap/o Iago SEVILE s/o Edward & Mary, Gronant


IBBERSON son of Ibbot
   IBBERSON 438B Broughton: Edward;
   IBESON 422 Hanmer: 14 Oct 1595 bap/o Alice IBESON (MORGAN)
                                                                       base d/o Thomas MORGAN & Anne IBESON (married woman)
375 Wrexham: 20 Apr 1873 bap/o Annie d/o Walter (general dealer) & Martha, Brook St
                      384 Wrexham: 30 Apr 1873 bur/o Annie, infant, Brook St.


Ible, Derbyshire
     ABELL *30 Wrexham:  26 Sep 1761 bap/o Mary JARVIS (b 23) d/o Abell (Bersham Furnest)
     EBILL *30 Wrexham: 7 Jan 1775 bap/o Thomas DAVIES (b 3) s/o Ebill (wyerman) Gwersyllt
     EIBALL  85 Mold: Cat., Robt., Thomas;
                127B Mold: Robt., Tho.;
     EIBLE *367 Abergele:  8 Sep 1705 bap/o Eible DAVIES s/o Morgan (yeoman) & Priscilla, Hendregyda
     EUBAL 117 Mold: Elizth, Jno, Rice;
                 119 Mold: Elizabeth, Ester, John, Margaret, Rhees, Sarah, Thomas;
                 340 Mold: Margaret;
     EUBALE *39 Halkyn: Eubale BURGESS
                    84 Treuddyn: John, Margaret;
                   117 Mold: Anne, Edward, Eliz., Elizabeth, Elizth, George, Hesther, Jane, John, Margaret, Margret, Marthe,
                                  Mary, Rice, Richard, Richd, Tobert, Robt., Sarah, Thomas, William;
                   119 Mold: Benjn., Charles, Edwd, Elinor, Elizabeth, Elizth, Ester, John, Margaret, Martha, Mary, Rebecca,
                                  Richd, Sarah, Thomas, Thos;
                   121 Mold: Ann, Cathrine, George, John, Margaret, Margret, Mary, Price, Rice, Richard, Robert, Robt, Thomas;
                   124 Mold: Elizabeth, Thos

                    461A Mold
     EUBALL 117 Mold: Geo., Hester, Thos;
                  119 Mold: Edwd., Mary, Richard;
     EUBEL 121 Mold: Thomas;
IBLE contd
     EUBELE *355 Ruabon St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Eubele GRIFFITHS d 5 Apr 1807 aged 21
     EUBIL 235 Gwyddelwern: 15 Aug 1710 bap/o Anne d/o William
     EUBLE 117 Mold: Elizabeth, Rice, Robt;
                 138 Wrexham: 2 Nov 1793 bap/o Charles (b 14 Aug) s/o Thomas (miner) & Elizabeth, Esclusham Above
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 251 Corwen: 17 May 1767 bap/o John base s/o Jane EUBLE, Tre yr Ddole
                                    13 Aug 1795 bap/o --- SIMON (EUBLE) base d/o Edward EUBLE & Jane SIMON, Tre'r Ddol
                 255 Corwen: Eliz'th, Hugh, John;
                 267 Ruthin: 27 Sep 1612 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Edward
                                  14 Nov 1613 bap/o Thomas s/o Edward
IBLE / EUBLE contd
                *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: 17 Dec 1897 bur/o Euble FOULKES, Ponkey  (certified by John FOULKES)
                                                     8 Aug 1900 bur/o John Euble FOULKES, Ponkey (certified by John FOULKES)
                *355 Ruabon , St. Mary's Churchyard MIs: Euble EDWARDS d 6 Nov 1818 aged 59 years
                                                                              also Anne EDWARDS (his wife) d 17 May 1850 aged 82 years
                *386 Ruabon: 7 Jul 1856 mar. by Banns of Joseph DODD (collier) ba. of Rhos s/o Thomas (collier)
                                                                           & Sarah ROBERTS sp. of Rhos d/o Euble (collier)
427 Ruabon: 7 Apr 1846 bur/o Euble CLARKE, aged 77, Morton Above
     EUBLO 25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: John, Mary, Mathew, Richard;
     EUBUL  117 Mold: Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Thomas, Thos;

                 *166 Cilcain: 4 Jun 1655 bap/o Eubul HUGHES s/o Thomas & Jane (De Merchion)
                 *359 Rhosymedre: 24 Sep 1861 mar by Banns of Eubul ROWLANDS (x) (quarryman) ba/20 of Vron s/o Thomas ROWLAND (collier)
                                                                                         & Jane DAVIES (x) sp/20 of Vron d/o David DAVIES (sawyer)
                 *367 Abergele: 
 -- Nov 1706 bap/o Eubul EVANS s/o William & Luce, Towyn
                 *459 Mold
IBLE contd
     EUBULE    4 Llangollen: Anne, Richard, William;
                   *13 Llandegla: Eubule DAVIES
                    25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Mary, Richard;
                   *45 Denbigh: Eubule BURCHINS
                   *59 Erbistock: 13 Jan 1802 bur/o Eubule DAVIES (d. 11 Jan)
                   *61 Ruabon: 21 Dec 1839 mar. by Banns of
                                                        Thomas EDWARDS (collier) ba. of Groes s/o Eubule EDWARDS (collier)
                                                        & Mary ROBERTS (x) sp. of Nantbycutan? d/o John ROBERTS (farmer)
                    85 Mold: Cath, Rhees, Richard, Robt, Tho, Thomas, Thos;
                    86p Derwen: 21 Dec 1762 bap/o Margaret HUGHES d/o Hugh alias Eubule & Elizabeth
                    86 Derwen: 30 Mar 1768 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Hugh & Elizabeth
                    96 Gyffylliog: David, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Richard, William;
                  101D Llanynys: 29 Jun 1756 bur/o Catherine d/o David EUBULE als Davis & Elizabeth, Tresgeibion
                  113 Llanelidan: John;
                  117 Mold: Catherine, Edward, Eliz., Elizabeth, George, John, Margaret, Mary, Rice, Thomas;
                  118 Mold:
                  119 Mold: Anne, Edward, Eliz., Ester, James, John, Martha, Thos;

                  121 Mold: Edward, Elizabeth, John, Rice;
                  124 Mold:
                  127B Mold:
                  169A+B Llanrhydd:
                  238 Llangollen:
                  246 Minera;
                  252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog:
                  255 Corwen: Jane, John;
                  258A Llansanffraid Glyndyfrdwy:
                  298 Hawarden:
                 *304 Wrexham: 24 Aug 1751 mar by Lic of Eubule JARVIS & Elisabeth WILLIAMS, both of Ruabon
                 *427 Ruabon: 13 May 1835 bur/o Eubule EDWARDS, aged 1, Fron F.
                                      17 May 1836 bur/o Eubule EDWARDS, infant, Pentre
                 *459 Mold
                  461A Mold
                  504B Llannefydd:
                  514 Corwen
                  515D Corwen
                  517C Llanasa
                  524 St George
IBLE contd
     EUBULES 85 Mold: 29 Dec 1697 bap/o John s/o Tho. & Cath., Bistree
     EUBULL  250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                  *459 Mold
     EUBULOE 124 Mold:
     EUBULUS *367 Abergele: Eubulus THOMAS
     EUBULY *368 Abergele: 31 Jan 1711/12 bap/o Eubuly DAVIES s/o Hugh & Ellin, Towyn
     EYBEL 117 Mold:
     EYBLE 117 Mold:
                 118 Mold:
                 121 Mold: Edward, Margaret, Rice;
     EYBULE 121 Mold: John;
     HIBAL 277 Llandrillo yn Rhos:
IBLE contd
     IBAL  18 Hawarden: John, Mary, Thomas;
              76A Mold:
              82C Nerquis:
             114 Llanferres:
             117 Mold: Anne, Daniel, Edward, Eliz., Elizabeth, Jacob, Jane, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Margaret, Margt.,
                            Mary, Rice, Richard, Tho., Thomas;
             118 Mold:
             119 Mold: Anne, Edward, Edwd, Eliz., Elizabeth, Ester, James, Jane, John, Margaret, Margt., Martha, Mary,
                            Peter, Rhees, Richd, Robert, Sarah, Thomas, Thos., Wm;
             121 Mold: Daniel, Ed, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Jonathan, Mary, Rice, Richard, Thomas;
             124 Mold: Catherine, Edward, Elinor, Eliz, Elizabeth, Geo, John, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Thomas, Thos;
             161 Mold: Ann, Charles, Edward, Esther, John, Margaret, Robert, Ruth, Samuel William, Thomas, William;
             231 Hope:
             293 Hawarden:
             294 Mold: Ann(e), Elizth, Ellen, John, Robert, Ruth;
             295 Mold:
             299 Mold: Edward, Ruth, Sarah;
IBLE / IBAL contd
             319 Hawarden:
             340 Mold: Anne, Rees;
             344 Mold:
             413 Mold: 19 Apr 1813 mar. by Banns of John IBAL (x) & Margaret HILL (x), both otp
                                                                         Wits: Thomas GRIFFITH (x), Anne ELLIS (x), Thomas HILL (x)
                             25 Dec 1813 mar. by Lic. of Samuel WILLIAMS (x) ba. & Esther IBAL sp., both otp
                                                                      Wits: Thomas EVANS (x), Mary HEWITT (x), Evan LLOYD (x)
                             27 Jan 1816 bur/o James, aged 3, of Ewloe in the Parish of Hawarden
                             18 Feb 1816 bur/o Robert, aged 4 mths, of Bistree
                               2 Jun 1816 bur/o John, aged 26, of Bistree
                             28 Dec 1816 bur/o John, aged 56, of Bistree
                             27 Dec 1817 mar. by Banns of Edward IBAL (x) ba. & Ruth ROWLAND (x) sp., both otp
                                                                          Wits: Edward ROWLAND, Elizabeth IBAL (x), Edward ROWLAND (x)
                             28 Nov 1819 bur/o Rees, aged 11, of Bistre
                             11 Jun 1820 bur/o Sarah, aged 16, Bistre
                             16 Dec 1820 bur/o Mary, aged 39, Bistre
            461A,B Mold
            535 Buckley
IBLE contd
     IBALE 119 Mold: Anne, John, Margaret;
               124 Mold: Benjamin, John;
                540 Overton
     IBALL  16 Hawarden: James, John, Mary, Thomas, Thos;
                18 Hawarden: Eleanor, Elizabeth George, James, John, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                22 Hawarden: James, John, Mary, Sarah;
                31 Hawarden: Sarah;
                67 Ruabon: 28 Jun 1809 ba/o Sinah IBALL (JONES) (b 23)
                                                                              base d/o Morris JONES of Oswestry & Margaret IBALL otp
                76A Mold:
               118 Mold:
               121 Mold: John;
               124 Mold: Esther, John, Richard;
               198 Mold:
IBLE / IBALL contd
               295 Mold:
               298 Hawarden:
               299 Mold: Ann, Edward, Rebecca, Robert, Ruth, Thomas, William;
               319 Hawarden:
               340 Mold: Edward, William;
               344 Mold:
               353 Pentrobin:
               379 Wrexham: 17 Mar 1898 bap/o Minnie (b 25 Dec 1896) d/o William (brickmaker) & Elizabeth, 20 Oxford St.
               414 Mold:  2 Apr 1836 mar. by Banns of Charles IBALL (x) ba. & Sarah PIERCY (x), both otp
                                                                          Wits: William PIERJCY (x), Arabella GRIFFITHS (x)
               416 Ruabon: 5 Sep 1892 mar. by Banns of
                                                    William Jones IBALL (brickmaker) ba/19 of Afon Goch s/o John IBALL (tilemaker)
                                                     & Elizabeth OWENS sp/20 otp d/o Lewis OWENS (pattern maker)
               438B Broughton: John, Margaret Ellen;
               440A,B Hawarden
               466 Hawarden
               483 Hawarden
               484 Hawarden
               486 Bistre
               535 Buckley
IBLE contd
     IBBLE Misc: 1881 Saltney, Cheshire/Flintshire
     IBEL   18 Hawarden: Ellen;
            *331 Ysceifiog:
            *352 Flint: Ibel DAVIES
     IBELL  18 Hawarden: George, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                24 Hawarden: Edward, John, Mary;
                32 Hawarden: John;
               295 Mold:
               414 Mold: 8 Nov 1837 bur/o Thomas, aged 74, Ewloe Wood, Hawarden
               416 Ruabon: 10 Apr 1880 mar. by Banns of
                                                     Charles IBELL (mason) ba/23 of Lavister, Parish of Rossett s/o Samuel IBELL (lab)
                                                     & Elizabeth DODD sp/25 of Keys Hill, Pen y lan d/o John DODD (lab)
               440A Hawarden
              *458 Mold
               474B Gresford
               483 Hawarden
IBLE contd
     IBIL 538A Llangar
     IBLE 339 Llangynhafal:
     IBYLL *458 Mold
     ISAL (sic) 76A Mold:
     UBAL 119 Mold:
     UBEL *445 Wrexham: 22 Oct 1774 bur/o Mary DAVIES d/o Ubel, the Wych Mill
     UBELL *30 Wrexham: 20 Mar 1763 bap/o Richard JARVIS (b 10) s/o Ubell (furnestman)
     UBIL *445 Wrexham;   3 Sep 1769 bup/o Thos JARVIS s/o Ubil, Bersham Furnest
                                    27 Jun 1770 bur/o Mary DAVIES w/o Ubil (smith), Broughton
     UBILL *445 Wrexham: 12 Jan 1762 bur/o Mary JARVIS d/o Ubill (furnestman)
     UBULE 124 Mold:


IDA fem. god-like (Germanic) - Claremont
      *289 Gwernaffield:
      *290 Hanmer:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ida HEYSETT
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ida JONES
      *360 Llangollen: Lizzie Ida EVANS
      *370 Wrexham: Ida Leonara DARLINGTON
      *371 Llangollen: 3 Jun 1871 mar. by Lic. of
                      Charles Thomas HOOPER (Gentleman) ba/24 of Notting Hill, London s/o Charles Race Septimus (solicitor)
                  & Julia Ida ELDERTON sp/19 of Argoed Hall d/o Charles Augustus (Staff Officer Bengal Army)
      *380 Wrexham: 19 Aug 1904 bap/o Ida Elizabeth WYNN-JONES (b 10 Jun) d/o William (fish dealer) & Sarah, 3 Gibson St
Misc: Gresford MIs: Ida RAWLINS  

IDLOES *337 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Griffith Idloes CATHERALL
IDRIS *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
         *315 Ruabon:
         *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Idris EVANS
         *381 Llangollen: 20 May 1894 (Trinity Sunday) bap/o Idris Llewelyn WILLIAMS (b 3 Apr)
                                                                                          s/o William (solicitor's clerk) & Elizabeth, 9 Regent Street
                                 30 Apr 1906 bap/o Idris Walter DAVIES s/o Thomas (ostler) & Rose Agnes, 6 Brook Place
                                 27 Jan 1907 bap/o Harold Idris PRICE s/o Arthur James (hairdresser) & Louisa, Gaufron
          *393 Wrexham: 12 Sep 1881 bur/o Idris EDWARDS, aged 4, Salop Road
          *404 Wrexham: 9 Mar 1905 bur/o Idris JONES, aged 3 years, 9 Florence Street
          *493 Llantysilio
          *556 Llangadwaladr: 15 Oct 1922 private bap/o John Idris DAVIES -/o David (lab) & Mary Edith, Pandy
          *558A Llandegla: 18 Oct 1891 bap/o Francis Idris WILLIAMS -/o William Grenville (Baronet & Gentleman) & Ellinor Harriet, Bodidris & Bodelwyddan

IDWAL *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
           *315 Ruabon:
           *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: John Idwal DAVIES
           *369 Llangollen: Joseph Idwal ROBERTS
           *376 Pentrefoelas:  8 Nov 1882 bur/o Idwal PEERS aged 3 mths, Caer arba, Tre Brys
                                      26 May 1894 bap/o Arthur Idwal WILLIAMS s/o John E. (schoolmaster) & Margaret, School House
                                       2 Dec 1904 bap/o Idwal JONES s/o ----------- & Christina, Nant Cottage

IERSTON see HOOSON (or perhaps this should be under Iestyn?)

IESTYN masc. the Welsh form of Justin - Claremont
     ESTYN *345 Rhosllanerchrugog: Estyn POWELL
                 *380 Wrexham: 4 Nov 1903 bap/o Ronald Leslie POWELL (b 5 Sep)
                                                                                      s/o Estyn (clerk) & Mary Helen, 113A Ruabon Road
                 *405 Wrexham: 17 Jul 1889 bap/o Estyn LLOYD s/o John Samuel (Band Master) & Ann Jane, 22 Charles St.
                 *443 Rhosllanerchrugog
                 *559A Rhosymedre: 9 Jan 1913 bap/o John Estyn JONES -/o John Edward (grocer) & Annie Ellen, Brynffynon Terrace, Cefn


IEUAN masc. Welsh forms of John; a variant form is Iwan.
     ap EAN 389 Hawarden: 12 Feb 1604/05 mar/o Thomas ap Ean & Elizabeth GRUFFITH  
     EAWEN *267 Ruthin:
     EUAN *522 Holywell
     EWAIN *552B Wrexham: 13 Jun 1703 bap/o ---- HUGHES (b -- May) s/o Ewain (lab), Bersham
     EWAN masc. Irish and Scots Gaelic forms of Owen; a Scottish form of Eugene
                  *25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Ewan EDWARDS
                *360 Llangollen: Thomas Ewan ALKER
                *453A Ysceifiog
     Ewen, Gloucestershire
     EWEN (meaning as of EWAN above)
                310 Gresford: 6 Apr 1759 bap/o James s/o Mr. James, Llay
     HEWINGS 445 Wrexham:
     HEWNS 46 Worthenbury:
     IEU *139 Cerrigydrudion:
     IEUAN 103*B Gwytherin:
               *139 Cerrigydrudion:
               *147 Llanddoget:
IEUAN contd
               *166A Cilcain: Ieuan B., Ieuan Browling, Ieuan Griffith ap Rawlings, Ieuan Robert, Ieuan Thomas ap David,
                                    Ieuan ap Edward Lloyd, Ieuan ap Elis, Ieuan ap Hugh, Ieuan ap Ieuan, Ieuan ap John, Ieuan ap Rees,
                                    Ieuan ap Robert, Ieuan ap Rowland, Ieuan ap Thomas ap David, Ieuan ap Tydyr,
                      B Cilcain: Ieuan David, Ieuan Lloid ap John ap Edd, Ieuan Lloyd, Ieuan Robert, Ieuan Robt, Ieuan Roger,
                                     Ieuan ap Edward Lloyd, Ieuan ap Ellis, Ieuan ap Ithell, Ieuan ap John, Ieuan ap M'dith, Ieuan ap Rees,
                                     Ieuan ap Thomas ap John ap David;
                166 Cilcain: Agnes vch David ap Rees ap Ieuan p.64
                                  An. vch Richard ap Thomas ap Ieuan p.7
                                  Angharad vch Richard ap Ieuan p.70
                                  Antoni ap Richard ap Thomas ap Ieuan p.7
                                  David ap Ieuan pp 68, 69, 71
                                  David ap Rees ap Ieuan pp 64, 68
                                  Edward ap Ieuan p 17
                                  Edward ap Robert ap Ieuan p 4
                                  Elin vch Ithell ap Ieuan p 68
                                  Engharad vch David ap Ieuan p 68
                                  Engharad vch Thomas ap Ieuan p 67
                                  Ffrances vch Ieuan p 68
                                  Gabriell ap Ieuan  pp 11, 69
IEUAN contd
                169A Llanrhydd:
                389 Hawarden: 11 Jul 1624 bur/o Anne d/o Rees ap Ieuan
                419 Halkyn: Dority, Elizabeth, Ellis ap, Ellis ap Thomas, Jane, John, Katherine, Mary, Owen, Thomas,
                                  Thomas ap., Ursley
               *458 Mold
                458 Mold
               *459 Mold
     IEVAN 422p Hanmer: 6 Jan 1570/71 bap/o Robt. s/o Davyd ap Ievan & Joan
                423 Hanmer: 13 Oct 1574 mar/o John ap Thomas & Elen IEVAN
                                     5 Jul 1578 mar/o Gruffith MOWNFORD & Gwen IEVAN
     IEVEN 422p Hanmer: 8 Sep 1573 bap/o Roger s/o Robt. ap Ievan & Alise
     IOAN  *53 Wrexham:
             *123 Ruabon:
             *145 Capel Garmon:
             *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Ioan POWELL, Robert Ioan POWELL, Ioan WILLIAMS
             *362 Penycae: Ioan EVANS
             *374 Wrexham: 31 Oct 1847 bap/o Taliesin Ioan DAVIES s/o Hugh (joiner) & Mary, Queen Street
             *381 Llangollen: 21 Aug 1905 bap/o Harold Ioan GRIFFITHS s/o Harry (fellmonger) & Louisa, 11 Price's Sq.
427 Ruabon: 29 Dec 1846 bur/o Ioan PHILLIPS, infant, Morton Above
             *559A Rhosymedre: 12 Oct 1908 mar by Banns of Thomas EVANS (collier) ba/22 otp s/o Ioan EVANS (fireman)
                                                                                       & Annie PHILLIPS sp/22 otp d/o Thomas PHILLIPS (collier)
IEUAN contd
     IONS 348 Wrexham:
     IOWN *440A Hawarden:  13 Nov 1845 mar. by Lic. of Thomas FLUITT (Gentleman) ba/full of Woodside
                                                                                  & Sydney Eliza JONES  sp/full of Warren House
                                                                                  Wits: Thomas FLUITT (Gentleman), Iown Wynn Owen JONES (Clergyman)
     IUAEN *393 Wrexham: 10 Aug 1876 bur/o John Iuaen, infant, Abbot St.
     IUAN *445 Wrexham
     IWAN *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                338 Llangollen:
     JAENS 167D Gresford:
     JAN (can be a Dutch form of John)
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Jan SCHREUDER;
     JANCE *58 Erbistock:
                 *27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Jance PRYS;:
     JAVINS 304 Wrexham:
JAVONS 433 Llangolen: 10 Aug 1852 mar/o  Charles ROBERTS (lab) ba/21 of Trefor Isaf s/o Thomas ROBERTS (stone mason)
                                                                       &  Eliza JEVONS sp/22 of Trefor Isaf d/o Jeremiah JAVONS (lab)
     JAYNE, JEYN(E) In the Hereford-Gwent area, and in Gower, there is a surname variously spelt in
                these ways.  It is not the woman's name Jane, although it may sometimes have that
                spelling.... In a short genealogy of Jayne of Brockweir ... the first generation is Jevan
                Herbert (of Coldbrook, living at Brockweir 1562) and his son is John ap Ievan, alias John Jayne
                of Chepstow.... - Morgan & Morgan 
IEUAN contd
     JEINES 212 Llangollen:
     JENN Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Richard ap Jenn, Dutton, Cheshire        1613
     JEUAN *166 Cilcain: 5 Jul 1609 bap/o Elin vch Jeuan Robert
     JEAVONS Common in Staffordshire - Addison
                     *315 Ruabon:
                      354 Rhosllanerchrugog:
     JEVAN *114 Llanferres:
                 *252 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog: 26 Dec 1630 mar/o Jevan LLOYD & Elizabeth vch David Lloyd
                  267 Ruthin:
                 *383 Ruthin: 2 Dec 1607 mar/o Jevan FFOULKE & Douse vch Thomas ap Robert BUTLER
                                   27 Dec 1610 mar/o Jevan GRIFFITH & Elizabeth vch John
                                     1 Apr 1611 mar/o Jevan GRIFFITH & Dwyddgyr vch Jevan
                  423 Hanmer: 11 Oct 1572 mar/o John YEVAN & Margeret THOMAS
IEUAN contd
     JEVANS  58 Erbistock: Daniel;
                   383 Ruthin: 5 Jul 1608 mar/o Hugh JEVANS & Dorothy WILLIAMES
     Jevington, East Sussex
396 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant: 17 Feb 1732/33 bur/o Elizabeth (widow)
JEVONS 433 Llangolen: 10 Aug 1852 mar/o  Charles ROBERTS (lab) ba/21 of Trefor Isaf s/o Thomas ROBERTS (stone mason)
                                                                       &  Eliza JEVONS sp/22 of Trefor Isaf d/o Jeremiah JAVONS (lab)

     JEYN(E) see JAYNE above
     YEAVAM 422p Hanmer: 9 Sep 1570 bap/o Richard base s/o Richard ap Edward (ba.) & Alyse vch Yeavam (sp.)
     YEUAN 422p Hanmer: 19 Mar 1570/71 bap/o Margaret d/o Rogers ap Yeuan & Catryne, Penley
     YEVAN 422p Hanmer: 5 Sep 1567/68 bap/o Richard s/o Yevan ap Thomas & Elyne
     YEVEN 422p Hanmer: 30 Aug 1573 bap/o Robt. s/o Yeven ap Thomas Morton
     YEV VAN 422 Hanmer: 19 Nov 1564 ap/o Willm s/o John & Alice

IFACH *475B Llangystennin


IGHBOUND 389 Hawarden: 2 Oct 1586 mar/o William IGHBOUND & Elizabeth DUCKWORTH

IGNATIUS masc. ardent, fiery (Greek)
                *378 Holywell: 5 Aug 1724 bap/o Thomas BLOOD s/o Ignatius, Greenfield;
                *500B Holywell: 4 Aug 1746 bur/o Ignatius BLOYD


Iken, Suffolk
IKEN 348 Wrexham: 18 Apr 1787 mar/o William IKEN of Marbury, Cheshire & Jane GRINLEY (x) otp
                                                           Wits: James GRINDLEY, Elizabeth HUGHES (x), Richd MEESSON
Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wem: Boot/shoe maker: Joseph Iken, Prees
                                                       Grocer/tea dealer/maltster: William Iken, Prees

     IKIN 131 Bodfari: 26 Dec 1793 bur/o Elin
                              26 Jul 1801 bur/o Eleanor
                              16 Nov 1794 bap/o John s/o Joseph & Elin
                              19 Jul 1801 bap/o Dorothy d/o Joseph & Eleanor
            175 Llandyrnog: 27 Sep 1760 William IKIN & Robert WILLIAMS wits. at mar/o
                                      Rice DAVIES (groom/farmer) & Elizabeth JONES (spinster)    by Lic
            178 Ysceifiog: 18 Mar 1801 bap/o Catherine DAVIES (IKIN) (b.17) base ch/o Robt IKIN & Mary DAVIES
            203 Denbigh: 18 Mar 1798 bap/o Joseph s/o Joseph (lab) & Eleanor
            207 Hanmer: 13 May 1780 bur/o John of Bronington
            323 Denbigh: 29 May 1740 bap/o Joseph s/o Mr. William & Dorothy
            370 Wrexham: 19 Jun 1866 bap/o Clara Felicia d/o Samuel (bank acct) & Anna Margaretta, Pen y Bryn
            379 Wrexham: 1 Dec 1901 bap/o Colin Wells (b 24 Jun) s/o John (publican) & Florence Mary, High Gate Inn
            380 Wrexham: 12 Oct 1902 bap/o Frank Whittaker (b 4 Aug) s/o John (licensed victualler) & Florence Mary, Highgate Inn
            402A Denbigh: 7 Apr 1735 mar/o Mr. William IKIN & Dorothy WILLIAMS wid.
            462 Bodfari
            498 Bodfari
            499 Denbigh
     IKINS  40 Hawarden: 20 May 1844 bap/o Margaret WILLIAMS (b.9 - private baptism)
                                                           d/o Richard (game kpr) & Dorothy (IKINS) of Shotton
              277 Llandrillo yn Rhos: 23 Mar 1823 bap/o mary d/o John (lab) & Catherine, Mochtre
                                                24 Oct bap/o Dorothy AIKIN d/o John (lab) & Catherine, Mochtre
              349 Ysceifiog: 2 Jul 1804 mar/o Joseph IKINS wdr. of Battengen & Mary EDWARDS (x) wdw otp    by Banns
                                                            Wits: Edward SAUNDERS (x), Dorothy SAUNDERS (x)

ILIFFE 53 Wrexham:


Illey (Dudley), West Midlands
     EYELEY Misc: Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Richard, Bettisfield  Dec. 1833
                            Shropshire 1828/9 Oswestry: Painter - house, sign etc: Charles Eyeley, Church st
     HILES  53 Wrexham:
               372 Wrexham: Elleanor;
               373 Wrexham: Benjamin;
               410 Wrexham: 9 Nov 1828 bur/o ----, infant, Ema HILES is child (sic), Poor House
               417 Wrexham: Mary Haskins Hyles - see HYLES below
               Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Grocer/tea dealer: James Hiles, High st
     HILL possibly see also
     HYLES *417 Wrexham: 29 Apr 1765 mar. by Lic. of Phillip EGERTON Esq., & Mary Haskins Hyles HILES sp., both otp
                                        Wits: Ellis YONGE, John EDWARDS                    
     ILERE 24 Hawarden: Sarah;
     ILES  254C Llanfawr:
             *292 Rhosymedre:
             *441B Hope

ILLIDGE 31 Hawarden: Sarah;
Illidge Green, Cheshire


Ilsley (East and West), Berkshire
ILSLEY 405 Wrexham: Elizabeth, George Sidney, Herbert, Joseph Herbert, Letitia Ebre;


INA fem. a diminutive form of names ending in -ina, e.g. Georgina, Wilhelmina
      *380 Wrexham: 27 Mar 1904 bap/o Hilda Ina ROWLAND (b 5 Feb) d/o Edward (gardener) & Martha, 3 Colemere St.

Ince, Cheshire; Ince (manor of/township), Wigan, Lancashire;
     HINTS possibly see also
         11 Bangor on Dee: 27 Sep 1812 bap/o Daniel (b 3 Apr) s/o Thos & Mary Ann
         21 Holt:  1 Mar 1666/67 bap/o Mary d/o ------------, of F
         37 Worthenbury: 2 Oct 1757 mar by Banns of John INCE & Elizabeth HESKEY (x) both otp
                                                                            Wits: John BELLIS, Mary HESKEY
         88 Llanelidan: 15 May 1790 bur/o Martha, sp.
        156B Hanmer: 26 Dec 1717 mar/o Samuel  NORBURY of Christleton & Margaret INCE otp
        176 Tremeirchion: 15 Jul 1793 bap/o Deborah (born 11) d/o James (stonecutter) & Mary (SMITH) (duty paid)
INCE contd
        218 Llangollen: 27 Jan 1833 bap/o Elizabeth  d/o John (bookbinder - Wigan, Lancs) & Elizabeth, Crogenwladus
                               27 Sep 1835 bap/o Mary d/o John (bookbinder) & Elizabeth, of Wigan, Lancs
        227 Ruthin: 14 Aug 1829 mar by Lic of John INCE ba & Maria JONES sp both otp
                                                                 Wits: John STEVENTON, Ann JONES
                          12 Feb 1830 bap/o John Goodman s/o John (joiner) & Maria, Clwyd Street
                          23 Apr 1830 John INCE & Ann ROBERTS wits at mar by Lic of John STEVENTON ba & Anne Maria JONES sp both otp

        297 Chirk: 24 Aug 1800 bap/o James (b 17) s/o Willm & Sarah, St Martin Parish
        335 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs:  1) Robert Thomas COTTON d 21 Oct 1929 aged 46
                                                                         William Henry COTTON d 20 Feb 1933 aged 47
                                                                         Arthur INCE  d 8 Mar 1945 aged 58
                                                                         (his wife) Sarah Emma INCE d 30 Mar 1976 aged 83
                                                                         George Albert COTTON d 21 Oct 1979 aged 81
                                                                      2) Henry Samuel COTTON (of Pen-y-Lan St) d 27 Feb 1927 aged 67 years
                                                                          Sarah Ann COTTON d 8 Mar 1945 aged 86 years
                                                                          Thomas Henry COTTON d 22 May 1965 aged 48 years (husband of Dorothy COTTON)
                                                                          George Arthur INCE born 22 Apr 1919  d 26 May 1893 aged 64 years
                                                                          Iris Cotton PEARSON b 1 Jan 1924  d 3 Jun 1992 aged 68 years
        363 Wrexham: 26 Aug 1886 bap/o Henry Albert s/o Alfred (mason) & Eliza, 12 Barnfield
        379 Wrexham: 30 Dec 1899 bap/o Florence (b 24 Jan - margin note: P)
                                                               d/o ------ & Eliza (domestic servant), 6 McDermott Court, York St
        384 Wrexham:  8 Apr 1872 bur/o William, aged 56, Workhouse
                              24 Apr 1874 bur/o Thomas, aged 85, W'House
        389 Hawarden: 13 Sep 1587 bur/o Elizabeth
INCE contd
        404 Wrexham: 31 Oct 1900 bur/o Florence, aged 21 mths, 2 Harrison 's Court, Farndon St.
                              31 Jan 1901 bur/o Benjamin, aged 14, 2 Harrison's Court
                               8 Oct 1901 bur/o Eliza, aged 52 yrs, 2 Harrisons Court
        405 Wrexham:  8 Jul 1888 bap/o Benjamin s/o Alfred (mason) & Eliza, 12 Barnfield
                             15 Aug 1888 bap/o George Arthur (born at Holt 14 Dec 1882) s/o Alfred (mason) & Eliza
        407 Wrexham: 29 Aug 1887 bur/o Maria, infant, Barnfield
                               24 Sep 1887 bur/o Henry Albert, aged 2 years, Barnfield
        408 Bangor-on-Dee: 24 Dec 1771 mar by Banns of Willm GRIFFITHS (lab) of Malpas & Susannah INCE (x) sp otp
                                                                                  Wits: Benedicta LLOYD, Ann INCE (x)
        442 Bangor on Dee:17 Apr 1781 bur/o Debora, aged 18
        482 Hawarden: 10 Jan 1770 mar by Lic of Jeremiah PARRY (x) (yeoman) wdr & Mary INCE (x) sp both otp
                                                                     Wit: Jos'h ROBERTS
INCE contd
     Innes, Cornwall;    Barony of Innes in Urquhart, Moray SCT
     INNES 467 Holywell: 4 Sep 1791 mar by Lic of James INNES -/29 otp s/o James & Margaret
                                                                         & Mary VAUGHTON (x) wid/49 d/o Edward & Ann PARRY
                                                                          Wits: Jane HUGHES (x), Hugh HUGHES
               Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Shrewsbury: Wm. INNES, Esq., Benbow place
NINNIS 360 Llangollen: 27 May 1884 mar by Banns of Henry NINNIS (clarke in Pentrefeln works) ba/27 s/o Joseph NINNIS (mining engineer)
                                                                                    & Annie Eliza DAVIES sp/24 of Market St. d/o Thomas DAVIES (cartage agent G.W.R.)
                369 Llangollen: 19 Apr 1885 bap/o Gordon -/o Henry (clerk) & Annie Eliza, Fair View
                478 Llantysilio: 26 Oct 1880 mar by Lic of Frederick Stephen WILLIAMS (mining engineer) wdr/45 of Halkyn, Holywell s/o William WILLIAMS (mining engineer)
                                                                              & Hannah NINNIS sp/37 otp (Riverslea) d/o Joseph NINNIS (mining agent)
                493 Llantysilio: 18 Oct 1937 bur/o Annie Eliza, aged 80 yrs, otp (The Chalet, Berwyn)

Inch, Ireland
INCH  *352 Flint: Jacob Inch Bird ANDERSON
          Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: William   25   M.S.   not born in County
     INCHE 459 Mold
     Insch, Grampians
     Insh, Highlands


Indemnify/Indemnitor (Wills):
The indemnitor is the person or entity that indemnifies you.   Indemnify,
                                           in common terms, means to put you back to where you were before the
                                           covered event occurred.  This is in connection with the following;

Administration Bond : Coverage that guarantees that the executor or administrator
                                           of an estate will conduct his or her duties according to the provisions of the will and
                                           the legal requirements of the jurisdiction.   If dishonest acts by the executor or
                                          administrator result in financial loss to the estate, the bond will act as an
                                          Indemnitor to the estate.   The bond is posted by the executor or administrator
                                          of the estate.

INDIANA (fem) *319 Hawarden:

INETT Misc:  Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Grocer/tea dealer: Thomas Inett, Coalbrook dale


    INGLES *493 Llantysilio


Ingham: Lincs; Happing, Norfolk; Suffolk;
     ENG 158 Holywell:
     ENGA *126 Cerrigydrudion:
     HANGMAN 108 Minera Chapel: Francis, Martha;
     HINCKERMAN 216A Erbistock:
     HINCKSMAN 216A Erbistock:
     Hingham, Forehoe, Norfolk
     HINGHAM 284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:
     HINGMAN  79 Gresford:
                     129A Treuddyn:
     HINKSMAN 263 Llansilin:
                       Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Wem: Baker/confectioner: Edward Hinksman, High st
     Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
     Hinxworth, Hertfordshire
     ING 245A Llanrhydd:
     INGE 451 Whitford
     INGEMAN 314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                     372 Wrexham: Ellen;
INGHAM contd
     INGHAM   79 Gresford: 25 Jul 1799 bur/o Robert s/o Francis, Brombo
                     81A Hope:
                     82A Nerquis:
                    191D Ruabon:
                    314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                    360 Llangollen: 19 Nov 1889
                                    Marriage of Robert INGHAM (joiner) bach. aged 28 of W(rexham?)      by Banns
                                                     Sarah POWELL sp. aged 26 of Garth, Trevor
                                                     Wits: Thomas INGHAM (bootmaker), William POWELL (engineer)
                   363 Wrexham: Harry, James, Jane, Louisa, Robert, Thomas;
                  *370 Wrexham: Thomas Francis Ingham KNIGHT (see also INGRAM)
INGHAM contd
                   400 Wrexham:  7 Nov 1827 mar. by Banns of William JONES & Elizabeth INGHAM (x), both otp
                                                                                     Wits: Jasper JONES, Margaret INMAN
                   404 Wrexham: James;
                   405 Wrexham: Alice Horsfall, James, Louisa;
                   416 Ruabon: 27 Dec 1879 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Edward EDWARDS (coker) ba/20 of Rhos s/o William EDWARDS (coke works manager)
                                                          & Barbara INGHAM sp/22 of Gardden Hall s/o John INGMAN (lab)
                   439 Cilcain
Misc: Gresford Churchyard MIs: No. 1049:
                                              Robert son of Francis INGHAM (Register: buried 25th July 1799)
                                              In memory of Mary the wife of Francis INGHAM of Brymbo who departed
                                              this life December 1st 1810(?) aged 49(?)
     INGHMAN 314 Rhosllanerchrugog
                     439 Cilcain
     INGMAIN 412 Wrexham: 28 Apr 1860 bur/o Eliza, aged 32, Island Green
INGHAM contd
     INGMAN   27 Llanarmon yn Ial: Mary, Robert, Thos;
                    76A Bryneglwys:
                    79 Gresford: 24 Jan 1773 bap/o William LLOYD (INGMAN) base s/o John INGMAN & Ann LLOYD
                                       18 Apr 1790 bap/o John s/o Francis, Llay
                                       14 Aug 1804 bur/o Martha w/o John, Llay
                    81A+B Hope:
                    82A+B+C Nerquis:
                    84 Treuddyn: Ann(e), Ed, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elinor, Elisabeth, Eliz, Elizabeth, Elizth, Francis, George,
                                        Jane, John, Margaret, Margt, Mary, Richard, Richd, Robert, Robt, Sarah, Sophia, Thomas,
                                        Thos, William;
                   108 Minera Chapel: Francis, Mary;
                   122 Nercws:
                   124 Mold: Edward, Edwd;
                   129A+B Treuddyn:
                   161 Mold: Ellen, Jane, John, Mary, Richard, Thomas;
                   198 Mold:

                   201 Wrexham:
                   226A+B+C Llanarmon yn Ial:
                   231 Hope:
                   234 Minera:
                   289 Gwernaffield:
                   294 Mold: Anne, Barbara, Edward, Elizabeth, Elizth, George, Margaret, Margt, Robert, Thomas;
                   295 Mold:
                   299 Mold: Barbara, Edward, John, Robert, Thomas;
                   304 Wrexham:
                   314 Rhosllanerchrugog:
                   315 Ruabon:
                   317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road, MIs:
                   337 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: John G., Margaret, Richard, Robert;
                   340 Mold: Edward, Mary, Robert;
                   341 Ruabon: Catherine, Robert;
                   344 Mold:
                   348 Wrexham:
                   354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Elizabeth, John;
                   362 Penycae: John, John David, Mary;
                   365 Wrexham: 20 Feb 1814 bap/o Francis  --  Thomas (collier) & Frances   of Brymbo
                                           9 May 1819 bap/o Margaret d/o John (collier) & Ann    of Brymbo
                   366 Wrexham:  6 Jul 1826 bap/o William s/o John (collier) & Anne, Brymbo
                   372 Wrexham: Jane, John;
                   374 Wrexham: Anne, Catherine, Eliza Margaret, George, Georgina, John, Joseph, Margaret,
                                         Mary Anne, Sarah, Thomas;
                   386 Ruabon: 31 Mar 1855 mar. by Banns of John INGMAN (x) (engineeer) ba/30 of CM s/o Robert (lab)
                                                                                & Elizabeth HUGHES sp/24 of Avon Goch d/o Thomas (lab)
                   399 Wrexham: 23 Jul 1823 bap/o John s/o John (collier) & Anne, Brymbo
                   400 Wrexham: 15 Oct 1826 Robert INGMAN (x) & Mary EDWARDS (x) wits. at mar. by Banns (wcop) of
                                                            John JONES (x) (joiner) ba. & Elizabeth EDWARDS (x) sp., both otp
                                         20 Sep 1830 John INGMAN & Elizabeth LEE (x) wits. at mar by Banns (wcof) of
                                                            John JONES (x) ba. & Elizabeth WILLIAMS (x) wid., both otp
                   401 Wrexham: Catharine;
                   406 Wrexham: Mary;
                   411 Wrexham: Mary;
                   413 Wrexham: 19 Oct 1818 mar. by Banns of Thomas ROGERS (x) ba. & Margaret DRURY (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                      Wits: Joseaph PLOWRIGHT, Margaret HUMPHREYS (x),
                                                                                               Robert INGMAN
                                          31 Dec 1818 mar. by Lic. of Thomas BYTHELL ba. of Nerquis & Margaret INGMAN sp. otp
                                                                                   Wits: William PARRY, Ellen INGMAN (x), Thomas INGMAN (x)

                   414 Mold: 13 May 1833 mar. by Banns of Joseph WILLIAMS wdr. & Elizabeth JONES (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                Wits: Edward PHILLIPS (x), Margaret INGMAN (x)
                                   30 Dec 1833 mar. by Banns of Edward GRIFFITHS ba. & Anne INGMAN (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: Edward INGMAN, Mary INGMAN (x)
                                   29 Dec 1834 bur/o Peter, aged 1, Arddynwent
                                     1 Jan 1835 bur/o Edward, aged 7, Arddynwent
                    416 Ruabon: 26 Jan 1884 mar. by Banns of
                                                          Thomas ROGERSON (miner) ba/24 otp (Moreton) s/o Henry ROGERSON (lab)
                                                          & Elizabeth INGMAN sp/20 otp (Moreton) d/o John INGMAN (lab)
                                        5 Jan 1885 mar. by Banns of
                                                        John PHILLIPS (collier) ba/25 of Ponkey s/o Joseph PHILLIPS (collier)
                                                         & Sarah INGMAN sp/20 of Johnstown d/o Richard INGMAN (collier)
                                        1 Jul 1889 mar. by Banns of
                                                        Robert INGMAN (lab) ba/22 of Brandy Works Cottages s/o John INGMAN (lab)
                                                        & Mary EDWARDS sp/24 of Rhos d/o William EDWARDS (publican)
                    417 Wrexham: 1 Apr 1761 mar. by Lic. of Thomas WOOLLAM ba. & Ann JONES (x) wid., both otp
                                                                                 Wits: John INGMAN, John EDWARDS
                   441A,B Hope
                   474B Gresford
                   490 Chirk
                   552B Wrexham: Ed, Eliz, John, Joseph, Will;
                        C Wrexham: 15 Jun 1706 mar by Lic of Ffrancis INGMAN (yeoman), Tryddine & Mary LLOYD, Hope
                                            20 Aug 1723 mar/o Joseph INGMAN (yeoman), Broughton & Jane ROBERTS, Llandegla
                        D Wrexham: 24 May 1726 bur/o Willm, child of Joseph (yeoman), Broughton
                                            18 Aug 1729 bur/o Joseph, child of Joseph (yeoman), Broughton
                   553 Gresford: Francis, John, Robert;
                   554 Brymbo: Anne, Jane, John;

                   Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Hope Street:
                                                                            John   15  (Vet.) Surgeon's Ap. not born in County
                                                                            Green Man George      25 Publican  born in County
                                                                                               Margaret   30                born in County
                                                                                               Eleanor   3 mo.             born in County
                                                                         Temple Row, Town Hill: Thos. 20  Sh.  not born in County     
Gresford MIs: John, Martha;
INGHAM contd
     INGMON   84 Treuddyn: Anne, Francis;
                   108 Minera Chapel: Francis, Robert, William;
                   445 Wrexham
                   554 Brymbo: John, Martha, Mary Ann, Sarah, William;
     Ingon, Warwickshire
     INGS 338 Llangollen:
     INKIN 143B Llanrwst:
     INMAN 122 Nercws:
                 374 Wrexham: 26 Feb 1841 bap/o Eleanor d/o George (publican) & Margaret, Hope Street
400 Wrexham:  7 Nov 1827 mar. by Banns of William JONES & Elizabeth INGHAM (x), both otp
                                                                                   Wits: Jasper JONES, Margaret INMAN
                 437 Ruabon:
                 474B Gresford


Ingleby (township), Melbourn, Derbyshire
     ENGELBY 517C  Llanasa
     ENGLEBY 155 Caerwys:
                      517B Llanasa
     ENGOLSBE  *
425 Gresford: 12 Sep 1691 bap/o Jonathan s/o James, ?Norbith Parish, Durrom
     INGALBY 31 Hawarden:Margaret;
     INGELBIE 31 Hawarden: Margaret;
     INGELDSBY 517B Llanasa: Daniel, Margaret, Mary;
     INGLBY 316 Flint:
     INGLEBE 117 Mold: Eliz., Mary, William;
     INGLEBY 14 Llanferres: Jane,John;
                    16 Hawarden: Ann,Anne,Charles,John,Joseph,Margaret,Mary,Sarah,Thomas;
                    17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Thomas;
                    18 Hawarden: Ann, Anne, Charles, Eliza, Elizabeth, George, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary,
                                         Mary Anne, Sydney, Thomas;
                    22 Hawarden: Elizabeth;
                    24 Hawarden: Ann, George, Sarah;
                    31 Hawarden: George, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Thomas;
                    32 Hawarden: Alice, Charles, George, Joseph, Sidney, Thomas;
                    39 Halkyn: Anne, Catharine, Charlott(e), Charlotte Anne, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, Frances,
                                    John, John Campbell, Lucy, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Sidney, Susan(na)(h), Thomas,
                                    Thos, Willliam;
  52 Holywell: Charlotte Anne, Henry Richard, John, Joseph, Mary Anne, Sidney Sarah, Susannah,
                     62 Flint:
                    *74 Flint:
                     76A Mold:
                    112 Halkyn:
                    117 Mold: Cath., Dorothy, Elizabeth, George, Joseph, Mary, Richard, Richd., Sarah, Thomas, William;
                    119 Mold: Charles, Edward, Eliz., John, Maria, Mary Anne, Richard, Richd, Sarah, Sidney Elizabeth,
                                   Thos., William;
                    121 Mold: Elizabeth, Richard;
                    124 Mold: John, Richard;
                    155 Caerwys:
                    176 Tremeirchion:
                    177 Whitford:
                    188A+B Halkyn:
                   *189 Holywell: 7 Apr 1804 bap/o Thomas Ingleby DYSON (b 29 Mar) s/o Samuel & Harriot (HOOSON), Bagillt
                    189 Holywell: John, John Totty, Mary;
                    191B Ruabon:
                    194 Halkyn:
                    195 Holywell: John, Sidney Sarah, Susannah, William;
                    198 Mold:
                    202 Bryneglwys:
                    273 Trelawnyd:
                    276A+B+C Llanasa:
                    293 Hawarden:
                    298 Hawarden:
                    306 Holywell:
                    316 Flint:
                    319 Hawarden:
                    321 Llanasa:
                    349 Ysceifiog:
                    352 Flint:
                    378 Holywell: 29 May 1736 bap/o Richard s/o Thos;
                    413 Mold: 8 Nov 1819 mar. by Lic. of Thomas BIEHL ba. of St. George in the East, City of London
                                                                          & Catherine JENKINS sp. otp
                                                                          Wits: Robt JENKINS, Mary JONES, Wm INGLEBY
                    415A Northop: 17 Sep 1804 mar. by Banns of
                                                             William BENNION (x) (collier) ba. & Elizabeth INGLEBY (x) sp., both otp
                                                             Wits: Joseph BENNION (x), Sydney ROBERTS (x)
                    420A Halkyn:  7 Mar 1735/36 mar/o Thomas WHITEHOUSE & Sarah INGLEBY, both otp
                                        30 Nov 1740 mar/o William JONES of Mold & Elizabeth INGLEBY otp
                         B Halkyn: Catherine, Dorothy, Edward, Elizabeth, George, Margt, Richard, Richd, Thomas, William;
                         C Halkyn (from BTs): 12 Feb 1709/10 bur/o Catherine;
                                                        16 Mar 1709/10 bap/o Elizabeth d/o Daniel & Mary
                                                         26 Apr 1711 bap/o Thomas s/o Richard & Sara
                    439 Cilcain
                    451 Whitford
                    461A Mold
                    465A,B Halkyn
                    466 Hawarden
                    467 Holywell
                    483 Hawarden
                    485 Holywell
                    492 Holywell
                    512 Nannerch
                    517A Llanasa: Mary;
                         B Llanasa: John, Mary, Thomas;
                         C Llanasa: Hugh;
                    522 Holywell
Misc: North Wales 1835 Flint: Day and boarding school: Caroline INGLEBY
     INGLESBY 117 Mold: Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Mary, Thomas, William;
                      273 Trelawnyd:
                      420B Halkyn: 18 Jun 1734 bur/o Richard
428 Ysceifiog: 24 May 1708 mar/o Daniel INGLESBY of Halkin & Mary THOMAS
                      449 Trelawnyd
                      517C Llanasa: Daniel;
     INGOLDBY 420B Halkyn: 2 Jan 1744/45 bur/o John, infant, Mold parish
                       517C Llanasa: Elizabeth;
     INGOLDSBY 449 Trelawnyd

Ingleby Arncliffe and Ingleby Greenhow, North Yorkshire


INGMIRE 440C Hawarden


Ingon, Warwickshire

Ingram, Northumberland
INGRAM  8 Overton: James;
             53 Wrexham;
            187 St. George:
            191A+D+E Ruabon:
            201 Wrexham:
            307 Ruabon:
           *370 Wrexham: Emily Ingram KNIGHT, Thomas Ingram KNIGHT (see also INGHAM)
            417 Wrexham: Elisabeth;
            440A Hawarden
            474B Gresfprd
           *487 Gwersyllt
            504A,B Llannefydd
Misc: North Wales1835 Llanidloes: Academy or School: Margaret Ingram, Short Bridge st
                                                                Boot &/or shoe maker: John Ingram, Short Bridge st

                     Shropshire 1828/9 Shiffnall: Joiner: Benjamin Ingram, High st
                                                 Shrewsbury: Fishmonger: Margaret Ingram, Pride hill
    INGRAMS 417 Wrexham: John;
    INGRAN 307 Ruabon:


INGRID fem. maiden of Ing, the god of fertility (Frey) (Old Norse) - Claremont
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ingrid Briegatta Helga WIGGINS;


INIGO masc. a Spanish form of Ignatius - Claremont
           *53 Wrexham:
          *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs: Inigo JONES died in infancy
                                                                         Elizabeth JONES d. 16 Jun 1837 aged 60 years
                                                                         Evan JONES d. 20 Mar 1846 aged 81 years
          Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Pentreffelin: Inigo BAUGH 2 mo. born in County


Innellan, Strathclyde
     INOLLON 67 Ruabon: 15 Apr 1805 bur/o George, aged 20 (servant at Wynnstay)

Innerstone, Worcestershire
     INSTANCE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Horn & Trumpet  Thos. Instance, Underhill st
     INSTON Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Broseley: Shopkeeper: John Inston
     INSTONE Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Coml. school  Saml. Instone, Church yard
                                                        Shrewsbury: Nursery/seedsman: Henry Instone, Abbey place


Inskip, Lancashire
     INSKEEP 404 Wrexham: Thomas;


Inver, Grampians; Highlands; Tayside;
     INVAE *17 Llanarmon yn Ial: Invae JONES;

IOAN *443 Rhosllanerchrugog: 30 Dec 1876 bur/o Joan/Ioan? CARTWRIGHT, aged 20 months, otp

IOLA fem. a variant form of IOLE
YOLA  *332 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Yola WILLIAMS

IOLE fem. violet (Greek)

     YOLLYN 166 Cilcain:

IONA  *304 Wrexham:
          *315 Flint;

IONETTA *304 Wrexham;


IORWERTH first name 'lord value' - Welsh (English:  Edward ) - also see YARWOOD
                 *227 Ruthin: 22 Jan 1830 Iorwerth? JONES & Elias DAVIES wits. at mar. by Banns of
                                                                                         John DAVIES ba. & Anne EDWARDS sp., both otp
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ioerwerth JONES, Iorwerth OWEN
                 *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Iorwerth PHILIPS
                 *534 Bagillt
     YORWORTH 440A Hawarden


IRA masc. watchful (Hebrew)
     EYRA *361 Llangollen: 22 Mar 1846 Baptism of Eyra PRICE s/o Samuel (shoemaker) & Harriet
                                                                                                                           of Llangollen Fawr

Irby, Cheshire; Lincolnshire; North Riding of Yorkshire; or Ireby, Cumbria; Lancashire;
    EARBIE 458 Mold:
    ERBIE 459 Mold
               460   Mold
    ERBY 436B Hope: 28 Apr 1671 bur/o Elizabeth, Estyn
                                 27 Sep 1672 bur/o Edward, Hartsheath
              458  Mold
              541 Caerwys

IRCHARD *455 Llanrwst: 4 Feb 1765 mar. by Banns of Richard GRIFFITH (x) wdr. of Llangerniw & Margaret JONES sp. otp
                                                                                Wits: Willm Irchard SUMNER, David THOMAS

     IREDALL 535 Buckley


     ARENA *174 Holt:
     ARINA *10 Overton: Arina HOUGH

IRIS fem. rainbow (Greek) - Claremont
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Iris THRELFALL
       *381 Llangollen: 1 Oct 1905 bap/o Muriel Iris Aileen CHARLTON d/o William Thomas (designer) & Mary Elizabeth, John Street

IRISH  30 Wrexham: Anne, John;
         122 Nercws:
         343 Hawarden:
         358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Charles H., June, Paulina;
         445 Wrexham

Irlam (hamlet), Eccles, Lancashire
     ARLAM 138B Wrexham:
     EARLAM 373 Wrexham:
                           8 Mar 1813 bur/o Anne DAVIES (EARLAM) (infant) base c/o Tho's EARLAM & Elizabeth DAVIES, Minera
                   405 Wrexham: Charles, George, John, Sarah;
                                         9 Jun 1811 bap/o Ann DAVIES (EARLAM) (b 2 Jun) base d/o Thomas EARLAM & Elizabeth DAVIES
     ERLAM 405 Wrexham: Charles, Emily, Sarah;
     IRLAM Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Samuel, Broughton  1680
     IRLEM 363 Wrexham: James, James Evans, Mary;


IRON 370 Wrexham: Ada Susannah, Alfred, Amelia Eleanor, Susannah;
         407 Wrexham: Alfred, Amelia Ellenor;


Irvine, Ayrshire;
IRVINE masc. a surname, meaning fresh or green river, used as a first name (Celtic) - Claremont
     HURVIN 62 Flint:
     IRVEN *315 Ruabon:
                474B Gresford
     IRVIN 438A Broughton: Thomas;
     IRVINE *315 Ruabon:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Douglas David Thomas, Evelyn;
                *534 Bagillt
Irving, Dumfrieshire;
     IRVING *337 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Edward Irving HUMPHREYS
                 *351 Wrexham Ruthin Road Cemetery MIs:
                                         Louisa Jane POTTER (d/o Railton & Eleanor Irving POTTER) d. 20 Mar 1857 aged 3 years 9  mo.
                                         Eleanor POTTER (d/o Railton & Eleanor Irving POTTER) d. 9 Mar 1866 aged 3 months
                                         Laura Mildred POTTER (d/o Railton & Eleanor Irving POTTER) d 20 Nov 1868 aged 1 yr 7 months
                                         Railton POTTER (husb/o Eleanor Irving POTTER) d. 26 Jan 1885 aged 68 years.
                                         James Joseph POTTER.
                 *370 Wrexham: Eleanta Irving POTTER, Irving POTTER
                                        (both PORTER in transcription index, but POTTER in body of transcription)
                          James Irving BENNETT, William Irving BENNETT
                 *375 Wrexham: 28 Mar 1873 bap/o Margaret Irving SNAPE d/o William (wine merchant) & Annie, Lion House
                 *380 Wrexham: 27 Jun 1905 bap/o Horace MAXWELL (b 14 May) margin note: vide no. 2102
                                                                                                     s/o Robert Irving (cabinet maker) & Emily, 29 Oxford St
                 *404 Wrexham: 13 May 1899 bur/o Eleanor Irving POTTER, aged 73 years, 1 Linden Villas
                  406 Wrexham: Catherine Harriet, Catherine Sinclair;
                  438A Broughton: Elizabeth;
                  555 Brymbo: Elizabeth, James Askew, John;

IRWIN masc. a surname, meaning friend of boars, used as a first name (OE) - Claremont
ERWIN 38 Wrexham: John, Margt, Wm;
     ERWYN *493 Llantysilio
IRWEN *315 Ruabon:
                 *375 Wrexham: 5 Aug 1876 bap/o John Irwen OLIVER s/o John (lab) & Elizabeth Ann, Abbot St
                 *379 Wrexham: 15 Oct 1897 bap/o Irwen Raymond JOHNSTON (b 5 Aug)
                                                                        s/o Herbert Robert (chemist) & Harriet Elizabeth, 31 Cunliffe St.
     IRWIN *363 Wrexham: Irwin OLLIVER
               *370 Wrexham: Irwin MURPHY
                405 Wrexham: Francis, Hilda Evelyn Mary, Sarah Ellen;
427 Ruabon: Elizabeth;
                440C Hawarden
     IRWINE *391 Colwyn: 30 Sep 1896 bur/o Frederick Irwine Stockton JORDAN aged 20 of 'Clovelly', Colwyn Bay


ISAAC masc. 'laughter' Hebrew - Claremont
     EISAK  280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
     ICCAC 102*A Nantglyn:
                189 Holywell: Ann;
     ISAAC  2 Llandegla: Jane, Jn, Thomas;
                 3 Llangollen: Elizabeth;
                 4 Llangollen: Edward, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Sarah, William;
                 5 Llangollen: Anne, Catherine, David, Ed, Edward,Elizabeth, Gwen, James, Jane, John, Jon,
                                  Jonathan, Judith, Mary, Randle, Richard, Richd, Robert, Thomas, Ursula, William;
                 9 Efenechtyd: Margaret;
               10 Overton: Elizth;
               12 Llangollen: Anne, Edward, John;
               25 Llanfair Dyffryn clwyd: Catherin, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Evan, Jane, John, Jon, Margaret, Mary, Richard, Thomas;
               27 Llanarmon yn Ial: James;
               38 Wrexham: Evan;
              *39 Halkyn: Isaac BELLIS, Isaac DAVIES, Robert Isaac MARTIN
               39 Halkyn: Margaret;
ISAAC contd
               42 Holywell: Elizth, John, Samuel;
              *44 Denbigh: Isaac DAVIES
              *45 Denbigh: Isaac DAVIES
               49  Holywell:
               51 Holywell:
               52: Hugh, Jane, Margaret, Robert, Sarah, Susannah;
              *53+53 Wrexham
               58 Erbistock: George, Katherine, Magdalon, Margarett, Mary, Rebbecca, Robert, Ruth, Sarah, Tho, T homas;
               62 Flint:
               74 Flint:
               93C Abergele:
ISAAC contd
              106A+C Llangwyfan;
              108 Minera Chapel: Anne, Benjamin;
              110 Ysbyty Ifan:
              113 Llanelidan: Richard;
              114 Llanferres:
              116A+B Llansilin:
              121 Mold: Shonnet;
              126 Cerrigydrudion:
              137 Northop:
              138 Wrexham: 7 Aug 1796 bap/o John (b 17) s/o John (farmer) & Elizabeth, Brymbo
ISAAC contd
              143A Llanrwst:
             *148 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
              153 Hope:
              158 Holywell:
              159 Holywell:
             *166 Cilcain: 12 Sep 1656 bap/o Isaac MORGAN s/o John & Jane (THOMAS)
                                16 May 1675 bap/o Isaac s/o Roger ap Edward & Catherine
                                 4 Jul 1675 bur/o Isaac s/o Roger ap Edward & Catherine
              166 Cilcain:  14 Jan 1670/71 mar. by Banns of Thomas RODGERS & Anne ISAAC
                                 19 Oct 1671 bap/o Grace ROGERS d/o Thomas & Anne (ISAAC)
                                 24 Mar 1671/72 bap/o John s/o Peter & Mary
                                 24 Oct 1673 bap/o John ROGERS s/o Thomas & Anne (ISAAC)
                                 23 Apr 1676 bap/o Jane ROGER d/o Thomas & Anne (ISAAC)
              167A Gresford:
              168*A Hope:
              175D Llandyrnog:
              176 Tremeirchion:
              177 Whitford:
              178 Ysceifiog:
ISAAC contd
              182 Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog: Anne, Edward, Edwd, Esther, Hester, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Mathew,
                                       Matthew, William;
              189 Holywell: Anne, Edward, Edwd, Elen, Elenor, Elinr, Elizabeth, Elizth, Hannah, Hugh, Isaac, Jane, John,
                                  Margt, Mary, Robt, Susannah;
              191A Ruabon:
              192 Ysceifiog:
              195 Holywell: Catherine, Hugh, Jane, John, Margt, Ralph, Richard, Susannah;
              196A Llanfair Talhaearn:
              204 Llangernyw:
              206A Hanmer:
              212 Llangollen:
              213 Llangollen:
              238 Llangollen:
ISAAC contd
              241B Llangar:
              247 Llanfwrog:
              250 St. Asaph Notitae:
              253 Llanfawr:
              254 Llanfawr:
              263 Llansilin:
              264 Llangower:
              268 Wrexham:
ISAAC contd
              272 Nannerch:
              275  Gwaenysgor:
              276B+C Llanasa:
              280 Llanfair Talhaearn:
              285 Llanuwchllyn:
              286 Llanycil:
              287 Llanycil:
              297 Chirk:
ISAAC contd
              304 Wrexham:
              306 Holywell:
              308 Bodfari: 22 Jul 1756 bur/o Peter, of Llangwyfan
              317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road MIs:
              321 Llanasa:
              330 Whitford:
              331 Ysceifiog:
              342 Hawarden:
              349 Ysceifiog:
ISAAC contd
              352 Flint:
              359 Rhosymedre: Robert, Sarah;
              365 Wrexham: Elizabeth, James, John;
              366 Wrexham: 23 Jan 1833 bap/o George ISAAC (JACKSON) s/o George JACKSON (farmer) of Esclusham Below
                                                                                 & Maria ISAAC, of Broughton
              372 Wrexham: Francis, John;
              376 Pentrefoelas: 30 Dec 1816 bur/o William aged 91, Ty Newydd
              378 Holywell: 15 Jan 1724/25 bap/o Margt d/o Thomas, Greenfield
              379 Wrexham: 11 Jan 1901 bap/o Lilian (b 27 Oct 1900) d/o Francis (pork butcher) & Ellen, 51 Ruabon Road
              383 Ruthin: 29 May 1637 mar/o Henry DOLBEN (stonecutter) otp & Susan ISAAC (spinster) otp
              388 Hawarden: 5 Oct 1663 mar/o Thomas YEARSLEY, & Elizabeth ISAAC (Clandestina), of  'Nr. Wrexham'
ISAAC contd

             400 Wrexham: 14 Feb 1826 mar. by Lic. (wcop) of
                                                     Charles JACKSON (farmer) ba. & Elizabeth Isaac sp., both otp
                                                     Wits: Ed. WILLIAMS?, Margaret TAYLOR, Jas. COWPER
             414 Mold: 14 Nov 1836 mar. by Banns of Edward JONES ba. & Jane ISAAC (x) sp., both otp
                                                                        Wits: Esaiah JONES (x), Ellin EVANS (x)
             415A Northop (marriages): Elenor, Henry, John;
             417 Wrexham: Catharine, Katharine, Margaret;
428 Ysceifiog: 28 Jan 1693/94 bur/o Anne (wid - lately of Llanverres), Llan Ucha
                                   20 May 1695 bur/o William
                                   29 Nov 1702 bur/o Hugh s/o Peter & Jane, Tre Fraeth
                                   16 Jan 1703/04 bur/o John s/o Peter & Jane, Tre Fraeth
                                    2 Jun 1709 mar/o John ISAAC (Garneddwen) & Mary JONES both otp
             432 Llangollen: Jane;
             436B Hope: John;
             445 Wrexham
ISAAC contd
             453A Ysceifiog
             457 Llanuwchllyn
            *458 Mold
             458 Mold
            *459 Mold
             467 Holywell
ISAAC contd
             472 Llangernyw
             474B Gresford
             480 Rhuddlan
             481 Whitford
             485 Holywell
             489 Marchwiel
             492 Holywell
             494 Chirk
             498 Bodfari
ISAAC contd
             500A,B Holywell
             512 Nannerch
             517B Llanasa: Anne, Catherine, Dorothy, Edward, Henry, Hugh, Jane, John, Margaret, Robert, Thomas;
                  C Llanasa: Anne, Catherine, Edward, John, Margaret;
             518 Llangollen
             525 Whitford
             530 Chirk
             534 Bagillt
             539 Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant
             544 Meliden
             546 Bodfari
ISAAC contd
             550 Gresford: John, John Francis, Mary;
             552B Wrexham: Anne, Jaccob, John, Jon, Mary, Will;
                  D Wrexham: Anne, Jacob, John, Magdalen, Margarett, Mary, Richd, Simon;
             553 Gresford: Benjamin, John Francis, Elizabeth, John;
             556 Llangadwaladr: 5 Dec 1825 mar by Banns of Edward ISAAC (x) wdr of Llansanffraid Glyn Ceiriog & Margaret ROBERTS (x) sp otp
                                                                                    Wits: Hugh ROGERS, Margaret EDWARDS (x)
             557 LLansilin: 18 Apr 1891 bur/o Jane, aged 85, otp (Peny cae)
             Misc: North Wales 1835 Amlwch: Margaret Isaac, Pig market
                                                    Bagillt: Maltster: Isaac Taylor
Gresford MIs: Elizabeth, John;
ISAAC contd
     ISAACH 352 Flint:
     ISAACK  62 Flint:
                  113 Llanelidan: David, Elizabeth, John;
                  143A Llanrwst:
                  182 Llansanffraid Glynceiriog: Mathew;
                  206A Hanmer:
                  352 Flint:
                  419 Halkyn: Dorothy, William;
                  437 Ruabon:
                  517B Llanasa: Henry, Margaret, Mary;
                       C Llanasa: Edward;
                  552B Wrexham: Francis, Hanna, John, Joth, Jothn, Richard;
                       C Wrexham: 27 Dec 1720 mar/o Devourex LLOYD (yeoman), Esclusham & Catharine ISAACK
     ISAACKS 352 Flint:
                    547 Flint:
     ISAACS  51 Holywell:
                 182 Llansanffraid Glynceirog: Edwd;
                 213 Llangollen:
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 263A Llansilin:
                 317 Wrexham - Dissenters' Burial Ground, Rhosddu Road MIs:
                 379 Wrexham: 16 Jan 1898 bap/o Mary Elizabeth (b 3 Dec 1897) d/o Francis (butcher) & Ellen, 21 Gibson Street
                 432 Llangollen:Elizabeth;
                 455C Llanrwst
                 474B Gresford
     ISAAK 114 Llanferres:     
                349 Ysceifiog:
                428 Ysceifiog: 18 Oct 1684 mar/o Griffith PYERS, & Jonet ISAAK otp
                                      13 Jan 1698/99 bur/o Mary, Battengen
                546 Bodfari
                550 Gresford: John, Mary;
     ISAAKE *458 Mold

     ISAC 14 Llanferres: Dorothy;
             268 Wrexham:
ISAAC contd
     ISACC 206A Hanmer:
     ISACCS 357 Holywell: Robert;   
     ISACK  *30 Wrexham: Isack RYNOLS
                  30 Wrexham: Francis, John;
                 113 Llanelidan: Joh n, Richard;
                 250 St. Asaph Notitae:
                 331 Ysceifiog:
                 418 Wrexham: 19 May 1760 mar. by Banns of Robt JONES (x) ba. & Mary ISACK (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                     Wits: John EDWARDS, Jacob HUGHES
                 445 Wrexham
                 541 Caerwys
     ISACKE 525 Whitford
     ISAK 512 Nannerch
     ISSAACS 517C Llanasa: Margaret;
     ISSAC 5 Llangollen: Anne, Catherine, Ed, Edward, John, Jon, Judith, Mary, Sarah;
ISSACHAR Misc: North Wales 1835 Mold: Grocer &/or tea dealer: Issachar Roberts, High st
     ISSACK 552D Wrexham: 16 Aug 1720 bur/o ---, child of John (weaver), Bersham
     IZACKE 519 Llantysilio


ISABEL fem. Spanish form of Elizabeth, now used as a separate English-language name
     ELABELLA *108 Minera Chapel: Elabella HARRISON  
     ES'ABELLA *79 Gresford: 30 Apr 1806 bur/o Elizabeth DAVIES d/o William & Es'abella, Merford
     ESABELA *550 Gresford: 6 Sep 1812 bap/o George MORRIS (b 1 Dec1803) s/o William (forgeman) & Esabela, Gwersyllt
     ESABELLA *79 Gresford: 24 May 1807 bap/o Jane DAVIES d/o William (weaver) & Esabella, Merford
     ESBULE *88 Llanelidan:
     IABELLA *555 Brymbo: 22 Aug 1885 bap/o Margaret Colson DAVIES -/o Robert (grocer) & Iabella, The Moss, Broughton
     ISABEL   *4 Llangollen: Isabel WHITEHALL
                    *8 Overton: Isabel TEGGIN
                  *18 Hawarden: Isabel DUNN
                 *459 Mold
     ISABELA *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Isabela HOUGH
     ISABELL *459 Mold
     ISABELLA    *18 Hawarden: Isabella HUNT, Isabella PIERCY
                        *45 Denbigh: Isabella  McCRON, Isabella RONTLEY
                        *53 Wrexham:
                       *108 Minera Chapel: Isabella HARRISEN
                       *352 Flint: Isabella BREWER
                       *363 Wrexham: Isabella WOOLRICH, Isabella WRIGHT
Misc: Gresford MIs: Isabella Margaret COPELAND
ISABEL contd
     ISOBELLA Misc:
Welsh Wills proved at Chester 1545-1858 (deposited at NLW): Isobella MOLYNEUX, Holywell  1852
     ISSABEL *5 Llangollen: Issabel HUGHES
     ISSABELLA *24 Hawarden: Frances Issabella RIGBY
     ISSBAL *342 Hawarden:
     IZABEL *494 Chirk
     IZABELL *304 Wrexham:
IZZA *67 Ruabon:  29 Oct 1810 bur/o Izza WILLIAMS aged 3 of Morton Above
     SABEL 419p Halkyn: -- Jul 1617 bur/o Sabel d/o Richard
     SABELL *419 Halkyn: 2 Jun 1602 mar/o David ap John THOMAS & Sabell d/o RICHARD
                   422p Hanmer: 20 Oct 1571 bap/o John s/o Rondle ap Shone ap Liynyn & Sabell
                  *458 Mold
                  *459 Mold
SOBELL 167*A Gresford:
     SYBIL possibly see also
     YSABELL *423 Hanmer: 16 Feb 1571/72 bur/o Ysabell BEDDOW w/o Phellipp


Isabella Pit, Northumberland


     ESAIAH *249 Minera:
     ISAIAH *39 Halkyn: Isaiah BELLIS, Isaiah JONES
     ISIAH *39 Halkyn: Isiah JONES

ISAL (sic) see IBLE


ISFRYN *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Isfryn WILLIAMS (there is also Jefryn WILLIAMS in the same register)


Isham, Northamptonshire
ISHAM masc. a surname, meaning 'home on the water' used as a first name (Old English)
     ISEM 431 Llangollen:  8 Mar 1860 bur/o Isem Albert ROBERTS, aged 4 months, Penddol, Trefor Uchaf
     ISHWYN *83 Ruthin:
     ISYHAM Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: High Street: George 30 Dyer    not born in County
                                                                                           Ann      30                  born in County
                                                                                           William 14                  born in County
     IZHAM *361: Izham Alfred ROBERTS

ISHAR *372 Wrexham: Ishar CROSS


     ISARD Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Oswestry: William Isard, gent., Salop road
     ISERWOOD 52 Holywell: Elizth, John;
     ISHARWOOD 8 Overton: Adam, Elizabeth;
     ISHERWOOD  42 Holywell: Joseph;
                           52 Holywell: Elizth, John, Joseph;
                         *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Clifford Isherwood HALL
                          474B Gresford
     Ishlawrcoed hamlet (Tredegar), Monmouthshire
St. Ishow's Well, Partrishow, Powys
     IZZARD Misc: Shropshire 1828/9 Bridgnorth: Mrs --- Izzard, the Green
     TIZARD 416 Ruabon: 24 Apr 1894 mar. by Banns
                                                       Alfred Ephrit TIZARD ba/34 of Marden Park, Surrey s/o John TIZARD (Gentleman)
                                                       & Myfanwy Louisa EDWARDS sp/32 otp (Vicarage) d/o E. Wood EDWARDS (Vicar otp)
     USHERWOOD (Common in Kent - Addison
                            38 Wrexham: Eliz, James, Jane;

ISHMAEL    *8 Overton: Ishmael BROOKFIELD
                *10 Overton: Ishmael BROOKFIELD
                *39 Halkyn: Ishmael BELLIS, Ishmael DAVIES, Ishmael JONES
                *49 Holywell
                145 Capel Garmon::
                146A Capel Garmon::
               *147 Llanddoget:
                203 Denbigh:
               *294 Mold: Ishmael DAVIES, Ishmael JONES, Ishmael OWENS
               *309 Denbigh:
               *315 Ruabon:
               *323 Denbigh:
               *353 Pentrobin: Ishmael DOLBEN
               *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Ishmael JONES
               *359 Rhosymedre: Ishmael JONES
               *373 Wrexham: Ishmael ROBERTS
               *374 Wrexham: 29 Aug 1849 bap/o Ishmael Clemson JONES s/o John (builder) & Sarah, Wrexham Abbot
               *443 Rhosllanerchrugog: 30 jan 1874 bur/o Ishmael WILLIAMS, aged 21 months, Rhos
               *555 Brymbo: 16 Dec 1874 bap/o Ishmael AMIES -/o Edward (collier) & Rachel, Cerney, Broughton
Misc: North Wales 1835 Bangor: Nail maker: Ishmael JONES, Hirael
                        1841 Census Wrexham Town: Lambpit Street: Ishmael DAVIES   17   Painter   born in County
     ISMAEL  *38 Wrexham: Ismael ROGERS
                   *39 Halkyn: Ismael EDWARDS, Ismael JONES
                    93A+B Abergele:
                  *294 Mold: Ismael JONES
                  *475A Llangystennin
     ISMAIL *45
Denbigh: Ismail JONES
                *284 Llansanffraid Glan Conway:


ISLELAR *362 Penycae: 5 Feb 1903 Baptism of William Islelar EVANS
                                                                     s/o Benjamin (collier) & Annie, of Tai Smith
     ISLER *362 Penycae: 9 May 1907 Burial of William Isler EVANS aged 4 years of Chapel Street, Penycae

Islwyn, Gwent
ISLWYN *354: John Islwyn DAVIES
Misc: Gresford MIs:  Dr M.T. Islwyn JONES


ISRAEL  *45 Denbigh: Israel EDWARDS
             110 Ysbyty Ifan:
            *137 Northop:
            *187 St. George:
            *233 Llanfwrog:
             261 Llanderfel:
            *272 Nannerch:
            *286 Llanycil:
            *315 Ruabon:
            *322 Llanfor:
            *352 Flint: Israel SYMPSON
            *376 Pentrefoelas: 6 Jul 1832 bur/o Israel DAVIES aged 40, Cefn Clawdd
            *441B Hope
             454B Llanrhos
            *456 Llansannan
             468 Llandderfel


ISSALINE 66*A Penley:


ISSIE *314 Rhosllanerchrugog:


     EETH EL 501 Northop
     EETHELL 501 Northop
     EITHEL 76A Mold:
                 119 Mold:
                124 Mold:
                191A Ruabon;
                305 Hawarden:
                442B Bangor on Dee
                461A,B Mold
     EITHELL *14 Llanferres: Eithell MORIS
                   400 Wrexham: 19 May 1828 mar. by Banns (wcof) of
                                                             William ROBERTS (x) (collier) wdr. & Barbara EITHELL (x) wid., both otp
                                                             Wits: David JONES, Catherine JONES (x)
                   517C Llanasa
     EITHIL 348 Wrexham: Henry;
Etal, Northumberland
171 Bangor-on-Dee:
            305 Hawarden:
*14 Llanferres: Ethel (masc) MORRIS;  Ethel (masc) MURRIS
                 388 Hawarden: 17 Jan 1658/59 bur/o William of Aston Rake
                 421 Hope: 30 Mar 1752 bap/o John s/o Moses & Margaret, Shordley
                 488 Hope:
                 492 Holywell:
                 500A Holywell:
                 501 Northop:
                *555 Brymbo: 6 May 1889 bap/o William Ethel MATTHIAS -/o Peter (steel worker) & Catherine, Green
ITHEL contd
     ETHELL 313 Hawarden:
                  342 Hawarden:
                  343 Hawarden:
                  387 Hawarden: Anne, Edward, Frances, Margary, Thomas, William;
                  483 Hawarden
     ETHIELLE 343 Hawarden:
ETHILI *310 Gresford: 16 Aug 1752 bap/o Peter JONES s/o Ethili, Gwersyllt
     ETHILL *388 Hawarden: 14 -- 1658 mar/o Ethill PRICE otp & Jane HUGHES of Northop
                  388 Hawarden: 2 Mar 1658 bur/o Robert of Aston Rake (in the churchyard)
     EUTHAL *87 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd
ITHEL contd
     ITHALL 552B Wrexham: Anne, Edward;

     ITHEIL 191D Ruabon:
               *372 Wrexham: Itheil JONES
     ITHEL    7 Llanferres: Edward;
                18 Hawarden: Mary;
               *25 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: 21Jul 1695 Bap of Elizabetha d/o David John ap Ithel & Catherina
                30 Wrexham: Mary, Moises, Moses;
                38 Wrexham: Henry, Margt, Tabitha;
               *39 Halkyn: Ithel DAVIES
    53 Wrexham:
               *61 Ruabon: 19 Jun 1843 mar. by Banns of
                                                    William DAVIES (lab) ba. s/o Ithel DAVIES (lab)
                                                    & Elinor JONES (x) (servant) sp. of Morton Above d/o Edward JONES (lab)
                76A Mold:
                79 Gresford: 18 Nov 1784 bur/o Bridget, aged 89, Burton
                81A+B Hope:
                82A+B+C Nerquis:
               *84 Treuddyn: 28 Dec 1777 bap/o Ithel OWENS (-----------) base s/o ------ & Anne OWENS
                84 Treuddyn: Anne, Belddin, David, Davydd, Edward, Helen Ithel, Jane, Sara, Sarah;
                85 Mold: Anne, Cath, David, Jo., John, Margt., Sara(h);
ITHEL contd
              *114 Llanferres:
               117 Mold: Anne, Cath, Catherine, Cathrine, David, Ed., Edward, Edwd., Elinor, Elizabeth, Ithel, Jane,
                              John, Mary, Rob., Robert, Robt., Sarah, Scriven, Susanah, Tho., William, Willm;
               118 Mold:
               119 Mold: Anne, Catharine, Catherine, David, Edward, Edwd, Eliz., Elizabeth, John, Mary, Robt., Scriven;
               121 Mold: Catherine, David, Edward, Jacob, Jane, John, Margart, Margt, Mary, Rob, Robert, Robt, Sarah,
                              Thomas, William;
               122 Nercws:
               124 Mold: Anne, David, Edward, Edwd, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Robert, Robt, Scrifen, Scriven, William;
               127A Mold: John, Mary;
                    B Mold: Wm;
               129A+B Treuddyn;
               136 Cilcain:
               137 Northop:
ITHEL contd
               153 Hope:
               161 Mold: Anne, Barbara, David, John, Thomas;
               164*A Cwm:
              *166 Cilcain: 15 Oct 1595 bap/o Elin vch Ithel ap William
                                   1 Jul 1583 mar/o Rees ap Ithel WYNNE & Katherine EATON
               166 Cilcain: 21 Oct 1627 bur/o John Thomas ap Ithel, Kefn
                                 22 Mar 1638/39 bap/o Anne d/o Robert ap William & Elen vch Ithel
                                  8 May 1671 bur/o Grace vch Edward, late w/o Harry John ap Ithel
                                 11 Jan 1673/74 bur/o Anne vch Thomas w/o Hugh Thomas ap Ithel
               168*A+B Hope:
               169A Llanrhydd:
               176 Tremeirchion:
               231 Hope;
               232 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd:
               289 Gwernaffield:
               293 Hawarden:
               295 Mold:
              *299 Mold: Ithel ROBERTS
ITHEL contd
               302 Hawarden:
               303 Hawarden:
               305 Hawarden:
               320 Hope:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Robert Ithel EDWARD, Joseph Ithel SMITH
               340 Mold: David, Ithel, John, Mary;
               342 Hawarden:
               343 Hawarden:
               344 Mold:

               346 Hawarden:
ITHEL contd
              *352 Flint: Ithel EVANS
              *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Ithel Orfryn Vivian THOMAS
               367 Abergele: Catherine, Mary, Mathew;
               386 Ruabon: 29 Sep 1847 mar. by Banns of Robert PUGH (x) (blacksmith) ba. of Acrefair s/o William (forgeman)
                                                                            & Tabitha ITHEL (x) sp. of Acrefair d/o Thomas (lab)
               387 Hawarden:  5 Jan 1674/75 bur/o Anne of Moor;
                                      3 Feb 1683/84 bur/o Mary w/o Thomas of Aston
ITHEL contd
               388 Hawarden: 25 Jun 1632 mar. by Lic. of Thomas ITHEL & Margery STATHAM
                                     15 Jun 1632? mar. by Banns of Richard LEEVESLY & Dorothy ITHEL
                                       3 Feb 1632/33 mar. by Banns of Richard ITHEL & Margaret ROBTS
                                     20 Apr 1663 mar. by Banns of Ralph ITHEL, & Elizabeth PORTER of Aston

                                      21 Jan 1664/65 Marriage Licence: John RIDGATE of Rake & Elizabeth ITHEL of Aston, spinster.

                                      15 Oct 1664 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of
                                                                               Thomas ITHELL & Mary ap Ithell of Great Mancoate
                                                         (i) Thomas ITHEL of Great Mancoate (yeoman) & William STARKY of Moore (butcher)
                                                         (ii) Orlando FOGGE rector of Hawarden

                                       18 Oct 1664 mar. by Lic. of Thomas ITHEL, & Mary ap Ithel of Mancot

                                        Elizabeth, Ellen, Mary, Thomas;
               389 Hawarden: 22 Aug 1587 bur/o William
                                        8 Jul 1589 mar/o Richard ITHEL & Ann RIDGATE
ITHEL contd

                401 Wrexham: John;
                413 Mold: 27 Nov 1814 mar. by Banns of Thomas COOKEAT (x) & Jane ROBERTS (x), both otp
                                                                            Wits: Edward ITHEL (x), Sarah ITHEL (x)
                               26 Aug 1818 bur/o John, aged 73, Gwernafield
                               21 Sep 1818 bur/o Ann, aged 69, Gwernafield
                               17 Jan 1819 bur/o Elizabeth, aged 11
                414 Mold: 20 Apr 1833 bur/o Robert, aged 23
                               19 Dec 1835 mar. by Banns of Peter DAVIES ba. & Anne ITHEL (x) sp., both otp
                                                                            Wits: Robert DAVIES (x), Arabella HUGHES
                                 5 May 1836 bur/o Edward, aged 50
                                15 Sep 1836 bur/o Mary, aged 79
                415A Northop (marriages): Edward, Joseph, Mary, Robert;
                     B Northop (burials): Anne, Edward, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Mary, Thomas, William;
                421 Hope: Churchwarden  1748   John ITHEL
                                Eliz, Elizabeth, George, Jane, John, Margaret, Mary, Moses, William;
                434B Bangor-on-Dee: John;
                436A Hope: Anne, David, Edward, John;
                     B Hope: David, Edd, Edward, George, Griffith, Jane, John, Jon, Margt, Mary, Sarah;
               *458 Mold
               *459 Mold
                459 Mold
ITHEL contd
                461A,B Mold
                483  Hawarden
                488 Hope
                489 Marchwiel
                501 Northop
                506B Abergele
                525 Whitford
                531 Cilcain
                551B Hawarden:
                552C Wrexham: 23 May 1723 mar/o David ITHEL & Deborah EDWARDS
                      D Wrexham: 27 May 1722 bur/o Cath, child of  Ed. (lab), M
Misc: North Wales 1835 Mold: Nail Maker: Edward ITHEL, Wrexham st
ITHEL contd
     ITHELL 16 Hawarden: John, Mary, Robert;
                18 Hawarden: Mary;
               *22 Hawarden: Ithell DAVIES
                22 Hawarden: Robert;
                31 Hawarden: Ann, Elizabeth, Joseph, Robert;
                38 Wrexham: Edwd, Henry, Mary, Tabitha;
               *40 Hawarden: Ithell DAVIES
                59 Erbistock: 22 Apr 1794 mar. by Lic. of William SMITH otp & Mary ITHELL of Wrexham
                                                                             Wits: Robert PRICE, Anne HUGHES
                63A Holt:
                75 Marchwiel:
                79 Gresford: 20 Aug 1793 bur/o Dorothy, Wrexham
                81A Hope:
                85 Mold: 20 Jun 1719 bap/o John s/o John & Cath, Hendrebiffa
                              30 Jul 1721 bap/o Ed. s/o Jon & Cath, Hendrebiffa
               117 Mold: Anne, Edward, Mary;
               119 Mold: Anne, John, Sarah;
               121 Mold: Edward, Robert;
               122 Nercws:
               124 Mold: Anne, Grace, John, Robt;
               127B Mold: Mary;
               128 Treuddyn:
               138 Wrexham: 10 Aug 1790 bur/o Margt., Wrexham Regis
                                      29 Mar 1792 bap/o Margaret (b 16 Jan) d/o Henry (wheelwright) & Tabitha, Wrexham Abbot
                                       8 Jun 1793 bap/o William (b 27 Apr) s/o Henry (millnir) & Tabitha, Wrexham Abbot
                                     22 Nov 1794 bur/o Ellis & Sarah - twins of Henry, Wrexham Abbot
                                     12 Jan 1800 bur/o Tabitha, Wrexham Abbot
              *148 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr:
              *166A Cilcain: Ithell Richard p 67
                                 Ithell Wyne p 1
                                 Ithell ap Ieuan p 68*
                                 Ithell ap John pp 9 11 12 13 14 16
                                 Ithell ap Rees pp 7* 21
                                 Ithell ap Robert pp 5 7 8 9 72
                                 Ithell ap William Gronowe p 16
                                 Ithell ap Wm p 2
                                 Ithell s/o Harry ap Hugh Pyers ap Evan p 31
                                 Ithell s/o Robert p 17
ITHEL / ITHELL *166 Cilcain) contd
                      B Cilcain: Ithell Thomas p 4
                                     Ithell Thomas ap David p 4
                                     Ithell Win. p 5, 6
                                     Ithell Wm. p 3
                                     Ithell Wynne pp 12 20 26
                                     Ithell ap Edward pp 9 10 20
                                     Ithell ap Evan p 10
                                     Ithell ap Hughe p 4
                                     Ithell ap Hughie p 8
                                     Ithell ap Ieuan p 11
                                     Ithell ap John pp 8 10 12
                                     Ithell ap Rees pp 5  8 14 16*
                                     Ithell ap Robert pp 4  9  18 21
                                     Ithell y Goe  p

               166 Cilcain: Ann d/o Griffith ap Ithell p 28
                                 Anne d/o Harry ap John Thomas ap Ithell p 20
                                 Anne vch Robert ap John ap Ithel p 8
                                 Anne vch Thomas ap Ithell p 2
                                 Doritie vch Robert ap John ap Ithell p 6
                                 Edward Thomas ap Ithell p 22
                                 Edward ap Ithell p 32
                                 Edward ap Thomas ap Ithell p 6
                                 Elen d/o Griffith ap Ithell p 27
                                 Elen d/o Robert ap John ap Ithell p 19
                                 Elen vch Ithell p 72
                                 Elin vch John Thomas ap Ithell p 8
                                 Elis ap John Thomas ap Ithell p 8
                                 Elizabeth d/o Edward Thomas ap Ithell p 22
                                 Elizabeth d/o John Wynne ap John ap Edward ap Ithell p 32
               168A+B Hope:
               169A Llanrhydd:

               172 Holt:
               191B Ruabon:
               201 Wrexham:
               293 Hawarden:
               298 Hawarden:
               299 Mold: David, Edward;
               300 Mold:
               302 Hawarden:
               303 Hawarden:
               304 Wrexham:
               305 Hawarden:

               311 Hawarden:
               313 Hawarden:
               342 Hawarden:
               343 Hawarden:
               346 Hawarden:
               347 Hawarden:
               364 Wrexham: Thomas;
               366 Wrexham: Elizabeth, Margaret, Thomas;
373 Wrexham: Henry, Peter, William;
               387 Hawarden: 27 Dec 1669 mar/o Richard ITHELL of Aston & Anne DUCKER of Shotton
                                      13 Nov 1681 mar. by Lic. of William EWDE of Aston & Priscilla ITHELL of Mancot
                                        7 Sep 1683 mar. by Lic of Nicholas ITHELL of Pentrobin & Mary ELLIS of Bannell
                                      -- Aug 1686 mar/o Wm MILLING of Pentrobin & Mary ITHELL of Shorley
                                      13 Sep 1687 mar. by Lic. of Edward ITHELL (Shoo Maker) of Hawarden & Mary WILCOCK of Chester
                                        9 Oct 1687 mar. by Lic. of Tho ITHELL, & Anne GRIFFITH of Aston
16 Jun 1691 mar. by Banns of Thomas JONES, & Dorothy ITHELL of Aston
                                       28 Feb 1692 mar. by Banns of Thomas ITHELL & Alice SOLLODINE both of Aston
                                       Anne, Dorothy, Edward, Edwd, Elizabeth, George, Katherine, Mary, Nicholas, Ralph, Richard,
                                      Sara, Thomas, William;
              388 Hawarden:  17 Oct 1640 mar/o Will. HIBBART & Margret ITHELL

                                     15 Oct 1664 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of
                                                                               Thomas ITHELL & Mary ap Ithell of Great Mancoate
                                                         (i) Thomas ITHEL of Great Mancoate (yeoman) & William STARKY of Moore (butcher)
                                                         (ii) Orlando FOGGE rector of Hawarden

                                      21 Jan 1664/65 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of
                                                                                  John RIDGATE & Elizabeth ITHELL of Aston
                                                             (i) John RIDGATE of Rake (farmer) & Peter RIDGATE of Rake (farmer)
                                                             (ii) Orlando FOGGE

                                        4 Oct 1665 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marriage of
                                                                                  John FOX & Elizabeth SALADINE of Aston
                                                             (i) John FOX of Mancoate (farmer) & Edward ITHELL of Aston (farmer)
                                                             (ii) Orlando FOGGE rector of Hawarden 
ITHEL / ITHELL (388 Hawarden) contd
                                      29 Nov 1665 Marriage Bond in 100 in respect of the marrige of
                                                                               Edward ITHELL & Anne BRADY of Hawarden
                                                         (i) Edward ITHELL of Hawarden (tailor) & Thomas ITHELL of Shotton (blacksmith)
                                                         (ii) Orlando FOGGE rector of Hawarden

                                      29 Nov 1665 Marriage Licence: Edward ITHELL of Hawarden & Ann BRADY of Hawarden
                                      30 Nov 1665 mar.by Lic. of Edwd ITHELL, & Anne BRADY of Hawarden

                                      Blanch, Dorothy, Edw, Elizabeth, Margret, Ralph, Rich, Thomas, Will, William;
                389 Hawarden: 14 Dec 1588 bur/o Joan
                                       30 Apr 1589 bur/o John
                                      20 May 1589 mar/o Raph ITHELL & Ales NICHOLLS
                                        2 Sep 1591 bur/o John
                                        5 Mar 1591/92 bur/o John ap Ithell
                                        19 Jul 1596 mar/o Richard MADSLEY & Jane ITHELL
                                       26 Apr 1597 bur/o James
                                      26 Dec 1598 mar/o Edward SHONE & Elizabeth ITHELL
                                         6 Jun 1599 bur/o Rich.
                                       23 Dec 1601 bur/o Elin
                                      12 May 1605 mar/o Edwarde ITHELL & Jane DUCKWORTH
                                       23 Dec 1609 mar/o Ralph ITHELL & Anne SHONE (als EDDS)
ITHEL  / ITHELL (389 Hawarden) contd
                                       16 Nov 1610 mar/o Owen CHARRY & Elizabeth ITHELL
                                      20 May 1623 bur/o Margret w/o James
                                        3 Feb 1623/24 bur/o Evan John ap Ithell
                                      18 Mar 1623/24 bur/o James

                                       31 Oct 1628 Marriage Bond in 20 in respect of the marriage of
                                                                                    Thomas GRIFFITH and Eleanor BUSHELL of Hawarden
                                                          (i) Thomas GRIFFITH of Aston, p. Hawarden (collier)
                                                                                            and John STATHOM alias ITHELL of Moore (yeoman)
                                                          (ii) John, Bishop of Sodor and Isle of Man, commissary of Hawarden.

                                        4 Nov 1628 mar/o William ITHELL & Jane FIRKINNE
                                       13 Jan 1629/30 mar/o Peeter TELLETT & Dorothy ITHELL
             390 Bangor-on-Dee: 2 Oct 1720 bap/o Elizabeth d/o John & Elizabeth, Bedwell
            *403 Holywell: Ithell DAVIES, Ithell JONES
             411 Wrexham: Margarat;
             413 Mold: 13 Jun 1819 mar. by Banns of Charles BARTLEY (x) ba. & Mary GRIFFITHS (x) sp., both otp
                                                                         Wits: John JONES (x), Mary ITHELL (x), P PIERCE
             417 Wrexham: Moses;
             418 Wrexham: 30 sep 1754 mar. by Banns of James ELLIS (parish shoemaker) & Elisabeth ITHELL (x) sp., both otp
                                                                                Wits: Edward EDWARDS, John JONES
             419 Halkyn: Ann, Ellis ap, Evan, Ieuan ap;
             435 Gresford: Mary, Thomas, William;
             436A Hope: Jane, John,  Margaret, Rose;
            *436B Hope: 24 Apr 1678 bur/o Ithell BELLIS, Hope Owen
             436B Hope: Catherine, Dorothy, Edward, Evan, George, Griffyth,  Jane, John, Maria, Mary, Robert, Sarah, William;
             439 Cilcain
             441A Hope
            *446 Chirk
            *458 Mold
             458 Mold
            *459 Mold
             459 Mold
             460 Mold
             461A,B Mold
             466  Hawarden
             482 Hawarden
             483 Hawarden
             484 Hawarden
             488 Hope
             517C Llanasa: William;
             518 Llangollen
             525 Whitford
             551A Hawarden
                  B Hawarden
             552B Wrexham: 18 Jul 1714 bap/o John WILLIAMS (ITHELL)  (b 5) s/o David ITHELL (weaver) & Margarett WILLIAMS both of  B M
                                       9 Feb 1717/18 bap/o Mary (b 1) d/o Ed (lab) of M
                 *C Wrexham: 22 Apr 1710 mar/o Ithell FOWLER (corvizer) & Katharin JONES, Wrexham Regis
                  C Wrexham: 1 Nov 1717 mar/o Ed ITHELL & Gwen JONES, Pentre
                  D Wrexham: 24 Feb 1716/17 bur/o John, basterd child of David (weaver), Wrexham Regis
             Misc: 1841 Census Wrexham Town: Tuttle Street: Thomas    55   Labourer A.P.  born in County
                                                                                           Elizabeth 55                         born in County
                                          + Thomas 19, Ellen 17, Tabitha 14 - all born in County
                         Gresford MIs: Moses;
ITHEL contd
     ITHELLE 342 Hawarden:
     ITHIEL  79 Gresford: 30 Jul 1779 bur/o Moses (drown'd), Wrexham
                310 Gresford: 25 Jun 1769 bur/o Moses s/o Moses, Wrexham
               *440B Hawarden
     ITHIL 117 Mold: Catherine, John, Thomas;
     ITHILL 388 Hawarden: 14 Apr 1660 bur/o ----- ch/o Will (stillborne) of Aston
     ITHOL *113 Llanelidan: 4 Feb 1711/12 bur/o Ithol WYNNE
     JETHEL 149 Halkyn: 10 Oct 1626 bap/o Katherine d/o Evan
     JETHELL 149 Halkyn: 26 Feb 1621/22 mar/o John EVANS & Margaret JETHELL, both otp


IVANHOE *292 Rhosymedre:


IVO masc. the Welsh form of Yves - Claremont

IVOR masc. yew army (Old Norse) - Claremont
      EFFA *67 Ruabon: 
     IFOR *381 Llangollen:18 Aug 1899 bap/o Eluned May (b 29 Jun) d/o Ifor Tegwyn (painter) & Mary Ann, Laurel Cottage, Hall St.
                                     11 Oct 1891 bap/o Dona Alice JONES (b 3 Sep) d/o Ifor Tegwyn (painter) & Mary Ann, Laurel Cottage
     IVOR  *289 Gwernaffield:
               *334 Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ivor COTTERILL, Ivor JONES, Ivor ROBERTS
               *354 Rhosllanerchrugog: Ivor JONES, Ivor Wynne JONES, Robert Ivor JONES, Ivor ONSLOW, Ivor PHILLIPS,
                                                     Ivor ROBERTS
               *369 Llangollen: Ivor Andrew MORRIS
               *380 Wrexham: 22 Dec 1905 bap/o Robert Ivor EDWARDS (b 21 Nov)
                                                                          s/o Stephen Arthur (collier) & Mary Jane, 6 High Street, Southsea
                                       15 Jul 1906 bap/o John Ivor WEBB (b 21 May)
                                                                  s/o Frederic Albert Russell (Sergeant Major) & Edwina?, 13 Kings Mills Rd
               *381 Llangollen: 15 Nov 1891 bap/o Robert Ivor EVANS (b 26 Jun 1891)
                                                                              s/o Robert Ellis (lab) & Selina, Tynewydd, Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog
                                       23 Jun 1895 bap/o Sara Corwena Magdalena Pugh JONES (b 21 May)
                                                              d/o John Ivor (general merchant) & Ann, Honda Rep. of Colombia & Eagles Hotel
               *391 Colwyn: 7 Jun 1906 bap/o Ivor Penketh DAVIES s/o Owen (quarryman) & Emily Penketh, 4 Vron Terrace
Misc: Gresford MIs:  Ivor W. DAVIES
       Llanwenllwyyfo, Amlwch, North Wales
       YVAR *315 Ruabon:

IVY masc/fem the name of the plant used as a first name (English)
       *289 Gwernaffield:
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs : Ivy Gwendoline FOULKES
Connah's Quay Town Cemetery MIs: Ivy Louisa BOND, Ivy Jane WALKER
       *358 Holywell Town Cemetery MIs: Ivy DOWLING
       *362 Penycae: Ivy Maria Jane PRITCHARD
        370 Wrexham: Elizabeth Sarah, Sarah, Thomas;
       *380 Wrexham: 31 Jan 1904 bap/o Ivy Jean JONES (b 5 Jan)
                                                                 d/o John Charles (stationmaster) & Mary Elizabeth, Highfield, Stansty
                                3 Oct 1905 bap/o Ivy Nelly HUBBARD (b3 Dec 1904) margin note: P d/o ----- & Rachel, 20 Bury Street
                                3 Dec 1905 bap/o Ivy KYFFIN (b 16 Oct) d/o John (collier) & Edith, 11 Princess Street

IVY used as a surname, see EAVES


*IZZA, *IZZIE, *IZZY see ISABEL (fem) or ISRAEL (masc)